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Saturday, April 28, 2007

We had been out at an office function, a few quiet drinks to celebrate the finish of a big deal for Mac and His team. It was mid week, so it was just supposed to be a few quiet drinks, but then some people had come back to our place at our invitation, to play pool, to see how Sarah Jane is growing, for conversation and to relax. We relaxed into the early hours of morning, and still people left with reluctance.

I climbed into bed and snuggled back against Mac. He was hard. I felt His erection poking into my ass cheek. It was so late, we were both really tired. He kissed the back of my head and whispered goodnight to me.

I tried to ignore His erection, but it kept pressing into me. I really couldn't help but wriggle back against it, just to make it move into a more comfortable position. Mac groaned and turned onto His back. He told me to sleep. I tried. I honestly tried, but thoughts of His erection were filling my mind. So after a minute I turned over and snaked my hand down His tummy to His groin. His erection had not faded, not one little bit.

"Sarah," He almost moaned. "It's 2am. I have to be up for work in 4 hours. We have to sleep."
"Ok Baby." I whispered and I turned and lay down on my tummy, my legs slightly spread. Mac turned back towards me and put His hand on my lower back. Then it slowly slid down to my ass. I raised it, just a tiny little bit. It was kind of a subtle 'fuck my ass' gesture. One that I use when I want Him to ass fuck me. I rarely ever say it. I can’t say it without going bright red with embarrassment and hiding from Him. As dirty as our sex can get, I still have trouble asking for and verbalising things.

Luckily for me, Mac understands my subtle messages. Either that or He just realised that His erection was never going down on His own. He knelt behind me and raised me onto my knees and He pushed Himself inside me, using me, fucking my ass like I was just an object for His pleasure. I reached down between my legs and circled my clitoris with my fingers. Mac was deep enough inside me that I could cover His balls in my juices. He was grunting and biting my shoulders, making me tell Him that I loved it when He fucked my ass, that I wanted Him to always fuck my ass, pushing deeper into me every time I whimpered. Mac came shortly after I did and then we both lay on the bed, breathing heavily.

Mac asked me if I really do prefer to be ass fucked and I had to think about it before I could answer Him. I don't prefer ass fucking, not really. But I don't prefer being fucked vaginally, or being mouth fucked, or tit fucked, rough fucked or being made love to. I don't have a favourite, or a least liked. I tend to love whatever is happening at the moment. I adore being fucked in whatever way pleases Him. Yes, I did raise my ass in the hope that He would use it, but most of me did it knowing it would be hard for Him to resist while His cock was so enthusiastically ready. I would have done whatever it took to seduce Him into fucking me.

We fell asleep around 3 and we slept in until Sarah Jane woke us at 8am. Mac was supposed to be at the office. He called and told them He would be late.

And He told me that all day He accepted the ribbing from His team with a grin. He said sex with me was worth every comment that they made and He would do it all over again.

I just grinned at Him and asked Him when.

I simply can't get enough of Him.

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