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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"You will have to shave." I said as I ran my fingernails over His three day growth.
"Why?" He said as He held my hand and scratched His jaw against my palm. I giggled.
"Because it is Easter, the day to celebrate the rebirth of our Lord. And your Mother will insist." I said.
"I am on holidays!" He grumbled and pulled me closer. I was straddling His lap while He sat on a kitchen chair. We had been sitting like that for a minute or two, snuggling up nice and close.

I leaned in and kissed Him again. He tasted like chocolate, the huge broken egg on the table being the source. The kitchen smelled of pork roasting and every now and then the crackling would go pop. It was very peaceful. Sarah Jane was napping upstairs. I kissed Him again. We were very comfortable, very happy, very much in love.

A loud series of knocking interrupted us and I grinned at Mac as I pulled away. Mac groaned. I patted His erection through His pants as I stood up.

"I told You we didn’t have time for this!" I giggled as I made my way across the kitchen.
"Sarah?" He said quietly and I turned as I reached the doorway to the hall. "You are only safe while everyone is still here." He said. “Once they are gone, I am going to fuck you so hard that you will scream for me to stop while you are begging me for more."
I grinned and practically skipped back to Him. I leaned down and kissed Him again. "I hope that is a promise." I whispered. His hand tangled in my hair.
"Of course it is." He said. We kissed each other again.

A more impatient knock at the door forced us to separate. I almost ran to the doorway, feeling so full of everything. I was exuberant in kissing Mac's parents, wishing them a Happy Easter like the world depended on it. And amidst the greetings Sarah Jane could be heard letting everyone know she was awake. I headed up the stairs before anyone had the chance to offer to get her up because I knew how overexcited she would get. But I was not too far away when I heard His parents greeting Mac and I did get to hear His mother insisting that He shave.

I changed Sarah Jane and sat down in her room to feed her, knowing it would be impossible to get her to drink if I went downstairs. As it was she fiddled and she fussed, detaching herself to goo up at me at every new voice and sound that filtered through her door. We finally reached a point where her tummy was sated enough for her to meet her need to find out what was going on and she was sitting on my lap as I put my breast away when her cleanly shaven father walked into her room.

"There’s my girls." He said and Sarah Jane squealed with delight as her Daddy swooped her up into His arms. "Are you being a good girl for Mummy?" He asked and Sarah Jane grinned at Him as if to say 'Of course!' then put her head against His chest and stuck her finger in her mouth to chew. Mac kissed the top of her head and when I stood up beside Him, He kissed me too.

Dinner was wonderful, filled with family and love and laughter as holidays should be.

And afterwards Mac kept His promise and made me scream and beg for more. My pubic bone was sore for days.

Sometimes it feels like we are so new to all this. This was the first Easter for the three of us. I thought I might foul it up. It really doesn't take much, Sarah Jane having a bad day can lead to culinary disaster and a Sarah frustrated to tears. But with everyone around being as helpful as they were, I spent my time relaxing while my mother and Mac's mother cooked and people passed around the little princess like she was a toy. She delighted in the attention, only getting upset when she couldn't run around with the other children, so someone would stand up and carry her after them. She ate when we ate, (though her dinner was pureed and she spat out a bit, which no one else at the table did) and she went to bed before everyone left because she just couldn't keep her eyes open.

So sometimes it feels like this is still all brand new, and other times, we seem to have it down pat.

I like being a part of this family.

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