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Friday, May 11, 2007

I have had a small health problem that has pretty much kept me away from the computer this week, because I only had the energy to do what I had to do, and nothing else. What I thought was a simple ear infection turned out to be an infection of the sinus (ew!) But I am into the third day of antibiotics and I am feeling much better and don't feel like I need a nap after just waking up.

And of course through it all, Mac has been my knight in shining armour, helping me out with things when I was too tired to do them on my own, ordering in when I didn't feel up to cooking, stroking my hair when I rested my head on His lap all miserable and exhausted and, of course, using me like a complete whore in bed. Apparently He didn't feel I needed sympathy once I was lying down. That was His time and He wasn’t missing out.

When I pointed out to Him how selfish He was being, He laughed and said that I didn't lack enthusiasm even if I couldn't breathe properly. Besides, He figured that a good hard bout of sex would release endorphins and help me cope with the pain. It might even force the sinus open. He was right about the enthusiasm. I still wanted sex with Him. I encouraged Him, seduced Him a little, made all the appropriate noises and moves to show how much I appreciated it. And when it was over, I encouraged Him into doing it again. I am not sure why I was so hungry for it, except that it was especially submissive sex and even though, or maybe because I was sick, I needed to submit. I needed to give myself up to Him. He was willing to accept all I had. It worked out well, really.

I don't know if the endorphins helped with the pain, but it certainly did help me sleep. I pretty much slept everytime Miss Sarah Jane took a nap. I also slept in until she woke each morning and went to bed when she did at night. Today I don't feel tired at all.

So I am back to feeling almost human and Sarah Jane and I are working on getting back into a routine. I am hoping it will only take us a day or two to get everything caught up, then I can go back to having some spare time again.

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