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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mac's orgasm has always been something that has fascinated me, right from the very first time He came for me. I was hooked on Him at that point. There was something about the way He took so much pleasure in His orgasm that had me wrapped around His little finger. He enjoyed it so much that I immediately wanted to do it to Him again. It was exciting to see Him come. I have never tired of it. I still get excited at the thought of it. It thrills me that I can bring Him so much pleasure. Really, it does.

So I was somewhat surprised when recently Mac's orgasm changed. In the last month or so, Mac has, well, become more vocal and less intelligible as His orgasm approaches. In other words, Mac has started to grunt like an animal when He is about to come. It is almost like He looses the ability to speak. I don’t just mean that moment of His orgasm where His cock is actually spurting and He grunts and groans and has trouble breathing. I mean for the 10-20 seconds before.

I hear it, god yes, I do. I know it is coming. It starts with a simple catch of his voice when He is saying something dirty to me. And then it hits Him, a period of just grunt after grunt after grunt. His breath is knocked out of Him in a fast paced rhythm. It is almost like He is in an extreme amount of pain. It makes me weak with lust for Him. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am going to faint.

So I did what any spunk-greedy little slut would do in this situation. I told Him that His grunts were the most gut wrenchingly, cunt clenchingly erotic sound that I have ever heard. I told Him how much it weakens me to hear Him so full of pleasure. And Mac reacted in the way that any Sarah-sex-greedy man would. He gave more of it to me. He gets to the point where He is going to going to come and He lets Himself lose control.

Mac has told me that of late the orgasms He has been having are without a doubt the most intense orgasms He has ever had. I am not sure if the noises He makes are because the orgasms are so intense or if the lack of holding back is what makes them more intense. Whichever way, I am not going to complain. And instead of draining Him, they seem to leave Him energised and hungry for more. His appetite for our sex is almost bigger than mine.

Almost. Which is probably a good thing.

Or neither of us would get anything else done.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:47 am

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