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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's day was extremely interesting as I gave my mother a present she did not expect. Mac, Sarah Jane and I had gone away to stay in a friends cabin for the weekend so come Sunday morning, while Mac was making me breakfast, I sent my mother a Happy Mother's day text. I planned to call her later on in the day.

After breakfast we all went for a walk and then Sarah Jane had a drink and I put her down for a nap. Mac was sitting on the couch with a newspaper and I went to the bedroom to start putting things in order for our trip back. I picked up my phone and was about to slip it into my pocket when I had a rather decadent thought. I wrote out a very filthy message to my Husband, telling Him what a dirty nasty little cum whore I was and mentioning how much I wanted His cock in my ass, among other things, and when I went to put in a contact to send it to, my phone sent me to the recently used list and I hit send.

I don't think my mother will ever see me in the same light, ever again.

I didn't even realise at first. I was standing in the bedroom waiting for Mac's phone to beep. And waiting. And waiting. Then I remembered sending the message to mum and I went back and sure enough, her name was on top of my list of messages last sent. Her name, not Mac's.

It was one of those times when I wished the ground would open up beneath me. I thought I might throw up. I felt very faint. I told Mac what I had done. He was extremely sympathetic as He rolled around laughing. It obviously wasn't His mother I had sent it to.

When my phone rang I really did not want to answer it, but these things only get worse unless you face them head on. My mother told me that she wasn't sure whom I meant to send that message to, but she was sure it was not supposed to be her.

"It was supposed to go to Mac, mum. You know... my husband... the one you can hear laughing Himself to death."
"You sent a message to Mac and he is there? Do you really do that?"
"Mum, please. It was a mistake. I am sorry."
"I am sorry too, dear. I don't want to think about you doing these things!"
"I don't want you thinking about it, mum. Sorry!"

We ended the call and Mac finally managed to compose Himself and as He had made me tell Him what was in the message, He decided that we should do something similar while the baby slept. I shuddered, knowing that my mother was thinking that we were 'doing these things' but Mac managed to make me forget about my mum.

Tonight I have to take a real Mother's day present over to her. I am making Mac come to, as moral support, but I am not sure how much support He will be when He thinks it is just so damn funny. I have a feeling that He can't wait to see just how embarrassed I will get.

And in future, I promise myself that I will be more careful with what I send. This one is an embarrassing lesson to learn!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 1:31 pm

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