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Saturday, July 14, 2007

It has been a strange week. Mac and I have been having a lot of sex, a real lot of sex, but we have been a little distant from each other. We have been talking a lot, a lot of foreplay has gone on through text and telephone and email while He is at work and through teasing and touching when He is at home. We have both been constantly aroused and the sex has been hot but our connection is just a little out.

Last night I told Mac that I was ready to fall in love with Him again. Not that I am out of love with Him, I just haven't had that head over heels can't help myself but to be amazingly and desperately in love with Him feeling that I enjoy so much. He knew what I meant, but in typical Mac fashion He had to be a smartass about it.

"Blimey." He said. "I might need some advance warning."
"I just DID warn you." I said. "But don't worry, I can always find someone else to fall in love with."
"You could." He nodded. "It would make my cock throb if you did that. The thought of you fucking someone else is hot!"
I shook my head. "Maybe I should. Then we would find out if your cock would throb when I was sucking someone else’s cock to please him and not you!"
"Yeah." He shrugged. "But you would only want to please him if he was enough like me. Now shoo. I am busy."
I had the last word as I walked out of His study. It wasn't meant to be mean, but I was the very blunt with the truth. "I don't think we have to worry about me falling in love with you any time soon." I said. And I blew Him a kiss and wandered off to do my own thing.

He asked me later what I had meant and I said that I meant that He is enjoying the sex and the joking around too much to want me to fall in love with Him right now. He likes that we are friends and lovers and at this point for Him that is enough. I know that at some time, one day, He will feel the need to pull me close. I am ready for it, even though I am also enjoying the sex and the laughter.

I want to be filled with Him again.

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