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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ok, ok, I am back. It feels like I was missed! I am very happy to be home.

I had a brilliant time, a really relaxing brilliant time. Sarah Jane was spoilt rotten having two mummies around to dote on her every whim. Then there were the weekends when she was constantly the centre of attention for the two men as well. I think she is going to miss it now that we are home and it is just the two of us again.

Mac came over to visit on the weekends. He arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. It was good for Him to have a break too. We really didn't do anything spectacular, just lazed about and played with Sarah Jane. It was not meant to be a 'sight-seeing' holiday or a 'do things' holiday. It was a 'rest and get some sunshine' holiday and it was just what we both needed, even if Mac didn't get to spend as much time doing nothing as I did.

When He arrived on the Friday in the middle of my holiday it had been quite a while since we had seen each other. He had been away for few days before I left. He was tired from the flight and from working the extra hours that He does when I am not there. I was nervous at seeing Him because we had not had much contact through the week. We were both relieved to see each other, but things between us got niggly. We didn't fight, or even argue, things were just not sitting right between us. Our timing with each other was a little off.

My friend, the one whose house we were invading, seemed to sense that Mac and I were a little out of whack. She asked me if it would be ok if she took Sarah Jane for a walk to the cafe. It was a walk we did most afternoons together. I said that Mac and I would come too, but she waved me away and said that she wanted to be the mummy for a while and me being there would spoil her fun. I helped get Sarah Jane ready and waved to them while they walked away.

I went back into the kitchen and found Mac sitting at the table with His head back and His eyes closed. I slipped off my panties and reached out and tucked them into His pocket. He opened His eyes and reached down pulling my panties back from His pocket and on seeing what they were, He smiled at me. I moved to straddle His lap but He stopped me and undid His trousers, pulling them down below His knees. Then He pulled me onto His thighs, pushing my skirt up around my hips. He undid my blouse, kissing me between buttons and He pulled my bra down, freeing my breasts.

Then He really kissed me. His hand was tangled in my hair crushing my lips onto His. His tongue was rough forceful in my mouth and I found myself completely weak with lust. The other of His hands slid down between us and some of His fingers found their way deep inside of me. His thumb rubbed against my clitoris. He held me like that, making me clench while His tongue raped my mouth. I convulsed on His fingers as I came, grunting, shuddering and I broke away from His kisses, hiding my face in His neck.

"Good girl." He whispered. "Good girl. Again."

And He made me do it again.

He pulled His hand from between us after I had come for the second time and He wiped His fingers down my cheek, down my neck and over my breasts. He wrapped both hands around my bottom and lifted me over His cock. He forced me down, making me grunt some more. I was hungry for Him, almost lost in the lust for Him and He held me still, forcing me only to suck at His cock with my muscles while He raped my mouth again. He lifted the fingers that had been inside me up to my lips and our tongues touched and twisted over each other as we fought to lick the juices from His hand.

He put His hands back on my ass and encouraged me to rock while He licked my face and my neck. He told me to feed Him my tits and I eagerly held them up to His mouth to suck and bite and kiss. His hands came up to tangle in my hair again only this time it was to pull my head back. I came when He suck/bit my neck. He came when I grunted like a greedy little pig.

He let go of me, His arms falling to His side. He felt heavy beneath me. I could tell He was drained. I lay against His chest and let my muscles gently massage His slowly softening cock, caressing it.

Even after He slipped from me we stayed there. We didn't talk, we just sort of dozed until Mac complained that His legs had gone to sleep. Then we got up and cleaned up and lay together on the couch until Sarah Jane came home.

When we were joined by my friend's husband later in the evening Mac and I took Sarah Jane for a walk to give them some time to be alone too.

And I noticed, without really noticing, that our timing was back to perfect.

I love how pleasing each other can reconnect us. I missed Him even more when He left.

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