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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why is it that when you come home from holidays there is so much more to be done then before you went away? I seem to be busy all the time! If I am not playing with, feeding, dressing, bathing, taking care of Sarah Jane, I am spending the rest of my time with Mac.

Mac has found plenty of time to spend with me. It is funny how different it is when the other person goes away. Mac should be used to us spending time apart, but usually it is because He is the one not here. He is not used to being here without me and it felt lonely to Him. He said the house felt empty without Sarah Jane and me there and I told Him that is how it feels to me when He goes away.

And while I was away, I didn't feel the loneliness I usually feel when He is gone. I missed Him but it was a different kind of missing Him, more a 'wish He was here' than a 'god I need Him to come home'. So we both got a dose of what it feels like to be the other person and although Mac isn’t being clingy, He is most certainly appreciating the time we have. I am too.

The day after He met up with me on holiday the five of us were sitting eating lunch. Sarah Jane tossed away her bit of bread and as I reached out to hand another piece to her my friend pointed and asked if that was a love bite on my neck. My hand flew back to cover it. I blushed and said "uh, it might be" and glanced across at Mac who was grinning broadly.

"I haven't had one in years!" my friend exclaimed.
"You should see where else she has them." Mac said. I threw some bread at Him. Everyone laughed but I had the feeling that my friend was rather put off by it. I caught her looking at my neck a few times as the day wore on.

The next day when we came down to breakfast, my friend was already cutting up some fruit. I went over and took the knife off her so she could sit down and I saw straight away an unmistakable suck/bite mark on her neck.

"Well," I said. "I guess you can't say now that it has been years."
"It's not the only place I have them either!" she said excitedly. "It feels so decadent!"

I stole a glance at Mac. Decadent is one of the words I always use to describe our sex so I knew He would know that she and I had at least talked about the idea of sex.

Mac just shook His head.


That was all that needed to be said.

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