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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Girls, girls, girls! Didn't anyone ever tell you that patience is a virtue?


Here it is.

Angel 3.2 (And yes, this is the rest of this part, for now.)

There was no need for her to turn as he stepped beside her. She knew that it was him. He said nothing for a moment, and she couldn't think of anything to say. A part of her had hoped that he would follow while another part of her had hoped he would stay away and she was at a loss how to make it feel right. She hated the tingle of excitement in her stomach. She wanted him to say something, to stay near her. She wanted to be with him.

"Nice view." He said and she was envious of the calmness in his voice.
"My husband is here." She warned.
"And?" He asked. "Does this mean that you are unable to have a friendly conversation with someone else? We are not fucking." He smiled. "At least not yet."
She wasn't sure if she should slap him or smile back at him. He was so arrogant that it both infuriated and enchanted her. "Arrogant prick." She said, but she smiled at him.
He grinned and she felt her heart lurch. She was in so much trouble with this one.
"So," he said as he turned and leant his back against the railing, "which one is your husband?"
She stiffened. "Please don't." She whispered.
"Ok." He shrugged. "Just wondered who I should stay away from."

They stood there, both looking in different directions, neither saying anything for an uncomfortable minute.

"I am sorry." She finally said. "This is just difficult."
"Yes," He said. "I imagine it is, Angel. Do you want me to leave you alone?"
She thought about it for a moment before shaking her head. As much as she knew it was a bad idea, she also knew that she wanted to be around him, he made her feel alive. "Please stay," She said. "Talk to me."
He chuckled. "It wasn't talking I had in mind."
Her cunt clenched again. She glanced around at all the people on the balcony. "What then?" She asked quietly.
"Find us somewhere, somewhere we won't be disturbed. I will follow you in 5 minutes." He pushed himself off the rail and walked away.

She stood there for a minute, too stunned to move. She closed her eyes and thought about walking inside to stand at her husband's side. She could stay with him all night. It was the right thing to do. It was the safe thing to do. But it wasn't what she wanted. Her pussy was wet, her clitoris throbbing. Just the idea of being with him was making her stomach flutter. He excited her and she loved the way it felt. She moved away from the rail and went inside.

She smiled at people she knew as she crossed the room, glancing at her husband as she went. If he looked at her she would stop. She would not be able to betray him if he smiled at her, but he never took his eyes from the men he was with. She was both disappointed and relieved. She wanted this. But maybe she wanted her husband to save her from herself. She walked into the hallway that led to the rest rooms.

Despite the size of the place they were in she had trouble finding anywhere they could go, the doors in the hallway where either locked or the rooms behind them occupied. There seemed to be staff everywhere. It was simply the need to use the bathroom that made her go in there, but once she was inside she realised that it was a perfect place. No one was there but her. She made use of the facilities and then went back out the door. He was coming down the hall.

He smiled at her and she smiled, almost shyly back at him.

"In there?" he asked.
"There is no one in here and it is the only place I could find." She shrugged.
"It will do." He nodded and followed her inside.

She led him to a cubicle and they both squeezed inside. He shut the door and locked it.

"Least we won't get caught." He said. "As long as we are quiet if anyone comes in."

He put his arms around her and he kissed her lips, a rough kiss that left her feeling bruised. He pulled up her skirt as he kissed her and ran his hands across her ass, feeling the lace of her panties. She whimpered into his open mouth.

"Take them off." He said and she did as she was told. He took her panties and checked to see if they were wet, bringing them to his mouth to suck on them before putting them into his pocket. "These are mine now."
She wanted to protest. They were expensive and comfortable panties. She didn't want to part with them. And she did not want to be left pantiless all night.
"I will use them as a spunk rag until you come to collect them."
Her cunt clenched yet again and she found she could say nothing. Her need for him to be inside her grew.
"Sit on the toilet, legs apart." He ordered. "I am going to let you touch yourself while you suck me. Would you like to do that, Angel?"
"God yes." She replied, her knees growing weak.

He unzipped his pants as she got comfortable. She had to lean forward to take him in her mouth. He checked to make sure her hand was between her legs before he took hold of her hair and pulled her onto his already hard cock.

"God," he said as her lips surrounded him, "I have wanted this since the moment I laid eyes on you tonight. You looked so god damn cool, so perfect. All I could think of is having your mouth around my prick."
All she could do was moan in response.

He pushed himself further into her mouth and she gagged and coughed. It didn't make him stop.

"Put your fingers in your cunt." He hissed. "Two of them. Use your thumb nail to scratch your clitoris. I want to hear you grunt, Angel. I want to hear you grunt like a pig."

She whimpered as she pushed her fingers inside herself. Then she grunted as she hurt her own clitoris, just the way he wanted her to.
He grunted immediately after she did and pulled her tighter against him. "More." He demanded. "Harder, you horny little cunt. Make it hurt."
She scratched herself again and this time she screamed.
"Yes." He groaned. "God yes. Like that. More, Angel. Do it again."
She did it again, hurting herself more.

She heard the door to the ladies room open and she stopped mid screaming choke. She suppressed a cough and swallowed hard so she wouldn't gag. She looked up at him with her lips still around just the head of his cock and he put his fingers to his lips to remind her to be quiet, obviously just in case she forgot. He grabbed her hair and forced himself back into her throat. She had to concentrate so that she would not gag again. He seemed to enjoy watching her squirm. She tried to listen to the other occupant of the bathroom. She sucked his cock while another woman just feet away sat down and peed. He didn't seem to care that there was someone else in there. He kept dragging her mouth back and forward along his cock. She was horrified and yet her cunt was still clenching on her fingers. She felt so completely torn.

The other woman flushed the toilet and he pulled her onto his cock even harder. Her face was pressed against his pubis and she couldn't draw a breath. She gagged and gagged again before he finally let go of her as the other toilet finished its flush. She scowled up at him while the other women washed her hands and left.

"Cunt." He spat at her. "Did I fucking say you could stop scratching your clitoris?"
She shook her head no.
"Next time slut, you don't fucking stop unless I tell you to fucking stop. Do you understand me?"
Inexplicable tears filled her eyes. "Yes." She quietly said.
He grabbed her hair again. "Finish it." He said. "Make me come on your pain."

He dragged her mouth back onto his cock and he wasn't the least bit gentle with her. Her hair hurt, her mouth hurt, her throat was burning with being so abused.

"Fucking scratch your clit, pig." He demanded. "Do as you are fucking told."

She scratched at her clitoris so hard her body jerked with the pain. She screamed around his cock.

"Good." He said. "Again."

She tried to beg with him, to ask him no, to tell him, but he wouldn't let her mouth leave his cock.
"Fucking again." He demanded. "Don't make me fucking repeat myself."

She scratched at her clitoris again.

"Christ, Angel, come with me, bitch. Come now, Angel. Christ, now."

She rubbed her poor abused clitoris and her tummy contracted and she came as the first of his spunk flooded her mouth. She choked, swallowed and choked again, sucking on his cock until his knees buckled while her whole body throbbed with her own orgasm. His hands in her hair pulled her from him. Her face was streaked with tears and she was still whimpering quietly. She looked up at him and smiled. He opened his mouth to speak to her and the outer door opened again. Both their eyes grew wide.

He smiled at her while they listened to the two women bitch about a third. He reached down and wiped a trail of spit and spunk from her chin bringing it to her mouth on his thumb. She smiled back at him as she sucked his thumb into her mouth. Then he wiped away her tears, sucking them from his fingers himself. They stared at each other, waiting for the women to be gone. He rolled his eyes and she stifled a giggle. Finally both women were gone.

"For Christ sake," he whispered. "You women always take too long!"
She grinned. "Considering how long you have kept me in here, you can't really complain."
He grinned back.

They both knew that time was running out. For sure, she at least would soon be missed. She wanted to tell him that although she had to go, she wanted to stay with him. He pulled her up and kissed her before she had a chance to say anything. She found herself just hoping he understood.

"I have your panties." He whispered into her ear. "Remember that."
She smiled. "I am the one without panties on now." She said. "I won't forget."

He unlocked the cubicle door and let her out before closing it again until she had checked the coast was clear. He left and she stayed behind to clean her face and touch her make up. She ran a brush through her hair. She looked at herself long and hard, trying to find a trace of him on her. She hated what she had done and she hated that she would do it all again without hesitation. Whatever it was he was doing to her, she was completely addicted. She couldn’t wait until she could see him again.

Her husband was looking around nervously when she came out of the hallway. He walked quickly towards her and the anxiousness on his face made her heart skip a beat.

"Where have you been?" He said, taking her arm and pulling her across to the dining room. "The CEO of the bank has asked me to sit next to him at dinner. He wants you there too."
"Really?" she asked, both relieved that it was all he wanted and surprised that the CEO knew her. "He asked for me?"
"Yes" her husband said. "He called you my charming wife and said that you must join us."
"Oh." She said disappointed. The CEO probably didn't even know which charming wife she was. Her husband missed her disappointment as he scanned the dining room, trying to work out the quickest way to get through the people to the head table.
"Christ I wish everyone would sit down." He mumbled back to her as he tried to navigate a way through.
"Then someone might take your seat." She said feeling annoyed.
"Please don't start." He said looking at her pleadingly. "This is important to us."
She smiled. "Yes. I know. I will behave."
He looked relieved.

It was the blue of his eyes that caught her attention again as her husband continued to pull her through the crowd. He smiled and her eyes lowered as she smiled back at him. His hand was in his pocket and she wondered if he was touching her panties. She swallowed and both disliked and savoured the taste he had left in her mouth. Her cunt clenched and her thighs were wet and sticky. From him. It was all him.

She held tight to her husband's hand.

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