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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mac asked me to post this. I didn't really want to just yet. I don't want this blog to turn into a story blog. I want to keep it personal with the occasional bit of fiction thrown in. But the truth is that there is not a lot going on with Mac away. I don't have a lot to say about us except that Sarah Jane is growing like a weed, Mac and I are keeping in touch with each other and life is being lived swimmingly, which hardly makes for good blog reading. So really it is a perfect time to post this. Mac asked me to write a second part to the story about Angel. He felt that you would all like to read it too. I hope that you all enjoy it.

Angel, part 2.


She heard the word from very far away.

"Hey, Angel."

Angel. It seemed that word was important. She let it roll around her head for a little while until it stuck.


Her eyes flew open and she looked into the cool blue of his. God. She had fallen asleep. This was only her third time with him and she had fallen asleep. She was shocked with herself, shocked at him.

"Hey," he said casually. "It is almost time for you to be going so I thought I had better wake you. I don't want you to be late home for hubby. I imagine you would have difficulty in answering any questions he had."

She scowled at him. He could be so damn arrogant at times. She decided not to talk to him as she pulled herself out of the bed and stomped to the bathroom to shower. He was arrogant, but he was also right, she didn't want to be answering questions about where she had been. She could lie, it would not be a big problem, but she would just rather not have to say anything. She made the shower hot enough to wash away all traces of him and she climbed in.

Careful to keep her hair from getting wet she washed herself, scrubbing at the semen that had leaked onto her thighs while she slept. She heard the door to the bathroom open and decided to ignore him. She was still angry at him for mentioning her husband. It was something she had to worry about, not him.

The door to the shower opened and she looked at him.

"Move over, little slut." He said.
She felt the heat rise into her face. "Don't call me that." She scowled as she moved over to let him in.
"What? Little?" He chuckled. "I know you don't mind me calling you slut. In fact, you grunted like a pig when I called you a slut while my cock was in your cunt."
"Shut up." She demanded, horrified that he would talk about it.
He laughed, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her to him. "I always do what you tell me to do." He said. He kissed her. And even though her hair was now getting wet and although she was still angry with him, she couldn't seem to stop herself. She kissed him back.

It wasn't until she felt his cock stir against her that she thought to pull away. She looked down to watch it as it started to rise. He put his fingers beneath her chin and tipped her face back up to his and gently kissed her lips again. Then his hands moved to her shoulders and he pressed down on them. The message was unmistakably clear. She looked into his eyes for as long as she could while she sank to her knees, until the water from the shower forced them closed.

"So, little slut," he whispered, "ever suck cock in a shower before?"
She shook her head, no.
"Try not to drown." He said and her lips parted as the head of his cock pressed against them. He pushed himself into the back of her throat.

She found it was hard to keep the water from going up her nose and the cock from making her gag and his hands were in her hair dragging her back and forth while he leaned back and just enjoyed. She choked a few times and gasped when she could and he grunted when her hands came up to grasp his thighs. He tasted of water and of something underneath, something dirty, something male. At least she wanted to think that was it. She could smell a trace of her in his pubis.

He started to groan and suddenly he pulled her away from his cock. She was surprised as He started to pull her up. He pulled her hard against his chest and his tongue ravaged her mouth. She felt completely helpless and utterly desired. He could have her, all of her. She wanted to give him everything. Whatever he wanted it was his.

"Christ," He gasped as he came up for air. "I want to come in your mouth so damn much. You are such a greedy whore when you suck me. but right now there is something I want to do to you even more. Turn around, Angel. Bend over and brace yourself against the wall."

She looked at him, ready to ask why then she realised that she didn't care. She turned and bent over, using her hands to hold herself steady against the cold tiles. The water from the shower drummed against her back and she felt something slick and cold being poured between her ass cheeks. The unmistakable smell of baby oil filled the air.

She wanted to tell him no, that this isn't the way it is done. Her husband always propped her up on some pillows and made sure she was comfortable before stretching her ass open with one finger, then two and three before even going near her with his cock. But this wasn't her husband and his cock was already forcing her ass open. She moaned and pressed harder against her hands.

"Good girl." He crooned. "Good girl." He pushed himself further inside her ass.
"I can't." she gasped. "Please stop. I can't." but she was pushing herself back onto him.

He reached around her waist and he pressed his fingers into her cunt. She made a noise she had never made before. Even she wasn't sure if it was a scream or a grunt. He rubbed along her clitoris trying to make it all feel good. She knew it just all felt like too much. His fingers on her clitoris, his cock filling her ass, the pressure of the water on her skin, she was so full of feeling that she couldn't distinguish one from the other and she knew she could never come like this.

Then it hit her, that first wave and her knees buckled and her hands slipped from the wall. He somehow managed to hold her up and keep himself inside her as her body's insides contracted again. He was pushing himself deeper and deeper inside her, little thrusts accompanied by grunts that made her realise that he was coming too.

She somehow managed to straighten herself up just in time for him to collapse against her, pinning her between him and the wall. She was gasping and he was breathing heavily. He kissed her shoulder when he could.

"Fuck" He groaned, which she thought was an understatement. "Good girl." He kissed her shoulder again and then leaned his cheek against it. "Fuck."

His cock slid from her and he let her stand on her own for a second before she turned and threw herself into his arms. He held her while she buried her face into his chest and he stroked her back while she sobbed. He made her feel so very fragile at times and yet at times he made her feel so very safe. She was able to be herself with him. She felt like she didn’t have to hide.

They finished washing up and they stepped out of the shower. He wrapped her up in a huge towel and then tried to help her dry her hair. She giggled and groaned and eventually pushed him away and went and grabbed her brush from her bag to try and untangle the mess he had made. He stood beside her and watched.

She found that she was reluctant to get dressed, reluctant to leave him. She wanted to spend the evening with him, to know what he ate, what he watched on television, if he had coffee after dinner, if he slept innocently. She closed her eyes when he put his arms around her again, pretending for a moment that she could stay.

"You are late." He whispered into her hair.
She stiffened. "I know." She said tersely and tried to pull away. She didn't need him to remind her.
He held onto her while she struggled against him. "I wish you didn't have to go." He said. She stopped struggling. Then he let her go.
She dressed herself quickly afraid now of the tension in the air. He had thrown on some track pants and sprawled himself across the bed and watched as she prepared to leave. He was smiling at her as she reached for her handbag and she smiled, self consciously, back at him.

He sat up on the edge of the bed and patted the spot beside him.
"Come here, Angel.” He said. "I need to talk to you about next time before you leave."
She put her bag down and sat down next to him. He took her hand and her heart stopped. She thought that he was going to tell her not to come back again.

"Next time you come here," he spoke to her calmly, "I will have some friends here, some men I trust. I am going to allow them to use you."
She could tell he was watching her closely, waiting for her reaction. She wondered if he could see the shock and hurt she felt. "You are going to give me away to other men?"
"No." He replied quickly. "I would never give you away, but I am going to share you, Angel. I am going to let other men use you, other men under my control. We will use them as toys to pleasure ourselves with. I want to see you being fucked by someone else."
"Who?" She asked, suddenly more curious than offended.
"No one you know. No one who knows you. They will be strangers, Angel."
"What if I don't want to do it?"
"If it doesn't turn you on, if it doesn't make your cunt clench, then I don't want it either. It has to be something you desire for it to be hot. Do you want it, Angel?"
"Yes." She said honestly. Then equally as honestly she said "No".
"You will think of little else until next time." He kissed her softly.
"I should go." She whispered.
"Yes." He said. "You should." He watched her get up off the bed. "Angel?" She turned to look at him. "Tonight, when you make love to your husband, you will think of me, ok?"
"Do you hate him?" She asked. "Do you hate me?"
"No." he shook his head smiling. "I don't hate him or you. I hate that he can have you any time he wants and he doesn't even realise what he has. But I don't hate either of you."
She didn't know what to say to that, so she nodded and turned and picked up her bag.
"Think of me, Angel." He said as she walked out the door.

That night, lying beneath her husband she begged him to hurt her. She begged him to pinch her nipples or to slap her tits. She begged him to put his hand across her throat to hold her still. Through the darkness she could feel his disgust at her requests.

"I could never hurt you." He whispered. "I love you too much to hurt you baby."
"I love you too." She sobbed.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled his mouth to hers and she imagined that kiss from the shower, the way he had raped her mouth and she remembered how it had hurt when his cock had filled her ass. She wondered how it would feel to have her throat filled by the cock of one stranger while another fucked her cunt from behind. She thought of him watching her.

And she came.

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