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Sunday, September 02, 2007

She bent over and braced herself against the bed. For the first time with him she suddenly felt very vulnerable. He slowly peeled down her white lace thong, stopping when they reached her knees. She waited, not knowing what he had planned for her next. Would he strike her? Or would he just fuck her straight away? Would he use her ass or her pussy? She knew nothing about him, what he liked to do or how he liked to do it. She found she was holding her breath. Slowly she forced herself to exhale.

His hands pulled apart her butt cheeks and she was surprised to feel his tongue press against her cunt. She felt him wriggle it, trying to force his way inside. She gasped and for a moment she wondered if he could taste her husband's spunk. Then he wriggled his tongue again and she groaned.

He pulled away, his hands still holding her open. "What is your name?" He asked nonchalantly, almost as if the answer didn't matter.
She stammered as she tried to think of something to tell him. "Ahh, it'sss ah, Angel." She finally managed.
"Angel huh?" she could hear the grin in his voice. "I can call you Angel. That will do just fine."
She had the decency to blush.
"So Angel," he whispered then let his tongue slide over her asshole, "I see the wedding ring. What is it that you are not getting at home? Hubby not paying you enough attention, hmmm? Maybe he doesn't love you enough? Or is it that he just doesn't give you enough cock?"
She had stiffened while he talked to her and he had stood up behind her. Suddenly she felt his weight against her back. He had leant over her and his mouth was at her ear.
"What is it, Angel? Tell me what it is you are looking for?"
"He loves me." She blurted out. "He loves me and we fuck. He gives me everything I want. All I have to do is ask and I can have it. He is good to me. Always." She found to her horror that she was fighting back tears.
"Everything you ask for, huh?" He cooed softly. "I guess that means you are here not to have to ask. Does he beat you, Angel? Does he ever treat you like a common whore?"
She tried to stand. She wanted to get away. She suddenly hated this man over her. She hated that he already knew her so well.
"Hush." He whispered, stroking her naked sides. "I promise I will not make you ask, though there may be times that I make you beg. With me, Angel, I only ever take what I want to take. So even if you do beg, I may say no. That is what you want, isn't it, Angel? You want someone to tell you no."
"Yes." she said and something deep down inside her sobbed with sheer relief.

His weight disappeared off her back but she didn't try to stand. She stayed where he had left her, waiting again. She could hear him moving around behind her and although she wanted to look, she wasn't sure if that would be the right thing to do. She really didn't know this man.

She screamed when it struck her ass, as much from the shock as from the burning pain. Her mind reeled and her hands gripped the sheets. She would have panicked only his hand was softly stroking her back. She could hear him whispering "good girl, good girl." She desperately wanted to be a good girl for him. The second strike was not as unexpected as the first, but it made her knees buckle and her toes curl up against the wood. She sucked air in over her teeth. Again he was stroking her back. "Good girl. One more." She braced herself for the third but the pain was just as bad. She put her fist into her mouth and bit down hard, screaming around it. His fingers ran softly over her burning ass. "Mmmm." He murmured. "It looks like you are going to bruise." He tossed the leather belt onto the bed.

His hands parted her butt cheeks again and his tongue slid inside her once more. "God," he said. "You are dripping. You are a little pain slut, I see."
She wanted to tell him no, that she hated the pain, but his fingers were already probing inside her and she found that she couldn't speak.

He stood and this time she felt his cock press against her. He forced it slowly into her cunt. She gasped again as the width stretched her open and she pushed up onto her tiptoes to take the depth. He fucked her leisurely, taking his time to push in and pull out. She tried to push back against him, make him give her more, but he put his hands on her hips and stopped her. She growled in frustration.

"Horny little cunt." He laughed and he completely withdrew his cock. "Stand up and turn around." She didn't move. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up. She squealed. "Don't test me." He said and all trace of laughter was gone. He let her go and she turned letting her hair fall over her face. She didn't want to meet his eyes. “"neel" He growled and she did so quickly. She didn't want him to be angry with her. He put a hand on her head and turned her face up to him. He wiped his cock across her face. "Now, Angel, you may lick me clean."

She opened her mouth and her tongue came out to lick him. Tentatively she took the head of his cock into her mouth. He withdrew and he slapped her across the face. "You can lick." He said. "I will tell you when you can suck."

Tears had sprung into her eyes again. She looked up at him, hoping to evoke his sympathy. He slapped her again. "I said lick." Her tongue reached out again and she licked him, his whole length, his balls, he held it up so that she could lick beneath. She found herself licking hungrily, greedily, moaning and whimpering while she did so. She found herself aching to please him, to pleasure him and whatever he had given her, she wanted more.

He seemed to read her mind. "Tell me, Angel," he whispered throatily. "Tell me that you want more."
"Yes." She gasped, sobbing, choking on her desire. "I want more. Please give me more."

He picked her up under the arms forcing her to her feet and then he threw her across the bed. She landed on her back, her legs held together by the panties still around her knees. He pulled them off and he placed himself between her thighs with ease. He bit at her tits as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his back. His cock plunged into her and she arched her back and held his head to her neck so he could bite her some more. His hand found her tits and he squeezed them painfully. She cried out as she shuddered, her body rocked with her orgasm. He grunted as he filled her cunt with spunk. He kissed her, his tongue invading her mouth. She responded, her tongue pressing against his. Their first kiss.

He lay over her for a while longer, his hand caressing her hand, his lips caressing her lips. She found that she didn't want to move. She looked at him through incredulous wide eyes, seeing something she had never seen before and was afraid she would never see again.

He rolled from her and lay on the bed beside her. She felt his absence like a blow to her soul. She wanted to reach for him, wanted to touch him but she found that she couldn't. She grew resentful and then angry in the space of a few seconds. She hated him for what he had done.

She looked at him and he must have seen the storm inside of her because he raised himself up onto his elbow. "What is it?" he calmly asked.
"I hate you." She spat and again she started to cry.
"I know." He said and he watched her impassively. She wanted to strike him. She curled her hands into fists.
"I hate me." she said and her hands unclenched. She felt so vulnerable and afraid.
"That's ok," he said softly and he reached over and lifted a stray curl from her face. "I don't hate you. I think you are very beautiful, Angel."
"My name isn't Angel." She sobbed.
"It doesn't matter." He kissed her cheek. "Angel fits." He smiled and he kissed her again.
"I don't hate you." She admitted softly.
"You do." He said. "At least a part of you does. But I think a part of you loves me too."
"I don't know you." She said.
"You don't need to, do you?" He asked.
And she found he was telling the truth. She didn't need to know anymore about him. He had done something to her, forced something out of her, and she found that she loved him for that.

This time she kissed him. He smiled.

"I have to go." She said as she looked past him to the clock.
"OK," He said. "Angel? Next week, you will meet me in the same place."
"I can't." she said, "I can't do this again."
He smiled. "I think you will find that you can't not do it again, Angel."
He got off the bed and helped her pick up her clothes and showed her the way to the bathroom so she could shower and dress. When she came back out he was stretched out dozing quietly on the bed. She smiled at his total lack of guilt. She wished that she could feel the same way.

"Hey." he said when he opened his eyes and saw her standing there.
"Hey." She said back.
"All set then?" he asked as she picked up her hand bag.
She nodded, feeling so out of place, so wrong. He climbed off the bed and came over to her. He put his arms around her and held her. Her head rested against his chest and she just stayed there listening to his heart.

"Next week, I think I will make you beg for my spunk." He said as he walked her to the door.
Her pussy clenched. She wasn't coming back, she wouldn't.

But somehow, she knew that she would.

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