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Sunday, September 16, 2007

There I was, standing at the bathroom sink. I had just showered and was brushing my teeth so I could get my tired little body into bed. I stood up straight and movement behind me reflected in the mirror caught my eye. I jumped and screamed.

Mac laughed. I turned, furious. "It's not funny!" I spat. "You scared me!" My heart was racing as evidence. Then it hit me. He was home. He looked tired, dishevelled, but He was home. I threw myself at Him and He caught me. I held Him like my life depended on it. It was a while before I could even force myself to let go enough to kiss Him. I just wrapped myself around Him and hung on.

He smelt so good, so male, so... Mac, and I realised I had missed that more than I thought. I was like an addict finally getting a fix. I just completely melted in His arms. He felt it, the sudden release of everything I had been carrying around for two weeks.

"Mmmm" He murmured into my neck. "God it is good to be home."
"Yes." I said. "It is."

When I finally let Him go He told me that He had managed to get an earlier flight but had been unsure of connections so He was not sure what time or day He would get home. It had been a long flight and He said He wanted just three things, a shower, tea and me, in that order so I watched while He undressed and got into the shower, then went to make Him tea. He drank it in three gulps before brushing His teeth and following me into the bedroom.

It was hard, really hard because Mac was not about to take any crap from me. I told Him that submission and I were not getting along really well and I needed some time to allow it to come back to me. He told me that I didn't get to choose, to just fucking do it. I did because He is right, submission is not about choosing. It is about following His choice. It didn't take long before I found I was comfortable being His again. He made me suck Him then He pinned me to the bed and He fucked me with a scary ferocity, almost like He was claiming me as His. We fell asleep tangled up in each other's arms and didn't wake until Sarah Jane let us know she was hungry. She was a little scared of her Daddy when she first set eyes on Him but He had her won over in no time.

When we talked about it, my difficulty in submitting, His demanding that I would, He said that He had actually thought about nodding His head and letting me take my time to come back to Him. He said He knows that when I am rebelling against Him it is a genuine feeling I am having, but that when I look back on it, I always wish He had not let me do it. So He isn't going to let me. I kissed Him, hard. I didn't know it before He said it, but it was just what I needed to hear.

So He is back and we are back and there is a sense of relief and happiness in the McBroden household. Everything is as it should be. The peace and contentment of our home makes it a place the three of us enjoys being and I get the feeling from Mac that He is not looking forward to going back to work. He is talking of taking an extra day off, maybe.

I am sure I can use my feminine wiles (or sex) to convince Him that the maybe should be a yes.

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