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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday morning I was up early. I climbed back into bed a few minutes before it was time to wake up Mac. I snuggled up against Him and in His sleepy dozy state He wrapped His arm around me.

"Where were you?" He mumbled while rubbing His morning erection against me.
"Bathroom." I replied. And I kissed Him, a long deep lingering kiss left on sleepy lips.
"Mmm." He murmured. "Nice kiss." He snuggled up against me tighter and rubbed Himself against me again. My hand slid down and took a hold of His cock. I gently stroked it. He groaned.
"Baby?" I said and I waited for Him to open His eyes properly. "Baby?"
He opened His eyes and looked at me sleepily. "Wot?"
"I have been thinking." His eyes grew wary. I guess that when a girl is stroking your cock and tells you she has been thinking, warning bells go off in male heads. I smiled and kept on stroking Him. "I think I am ready." I said.
"For what?" He asked and then groaned again as my hand reached the head of his cock and my fingers slipped through the pre-cum.
"Ready to have another baby." I said and slid my fingers back down His cock again.

Now Mac and I have had discussions on and off about when would be the right time for us to give Sarah Jane a brother or sister. Mac was of the feeling that we should have started trying a few months back. I have been putting Him off because Sarah Jane is a handful, I wasn't ready to have another baby. I was thinking maybe when Sarah Jane was more independent it would be easier, but after watching my sister's kids, I am thinking I would have to wait until she was 18. Maybe now is not the perfect time to add another baby to the family, but I am not sure there is a perfect time. People always seem to manage, whenever it happens.

"Babe." He said and He grunted. "You are going to make me come on you. You won't get pregnant like this!" He grunted again.
"That's ok." I whispered. "I already am pregnant." I didn't stop stroking Him.
His eyes flew fully open and He stared at me. I grinned.
"You're pregnant?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
"How? When? Oh Sarah. That's just...Oh god, Sarah..."
I kissed Him again.

He came all over my belly and my hand in grunting spurts and I grinned some more and snuggled up closer to Him. He took a moment or two to catch His breath. Then He kissed me.

Later in the day I noticed Mac sitting quietly, looking lost deep in thought. I asked Him if He was ok.

"OK?" He said. "Am I OK? I am like a dog with two dicks! What's for lunch?"

I rolled my eyes and kissed His cheek.

We are going to have a baby!

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