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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mac came home on Monday and as He had been working all His weekend, He felt it only fair to have a couple of days off with us.

We went shopping on Tuesday. Mac needed some new shirts and pants, I needed some new saucepans and Sarah Jane needed more of everything a baby needs.

Mac is not exactly the happiest of shoppers. He likes to get in, buy what He wants and get out. I am quite happy to meander along and pick up things randomly and hope I have everything I need when I get home. Sometimes Mac will relax and go along with this, other times He will stress me till I scream. And there are times when we will both compromise and manage to get things done at a medium pace and we will both be happy with this.

This time was one of those compromise times. I was in a flirtatious mood, teasing Mac, saying dreadfully sinful and wicked things, making lewd suggestions to Him. Mostly He was shaking His head and ignoring me. The more He didn't react, the worse I got until I was actually blushing while giggling at the things coming from my mouth. I am blushing now thinking about them.

We rounded a corner in the shop into an aisle where we were alone and I saw something I wanted. I reached up to check out the display. Suddenly Mac was behind me pressing me hard against the shelves. I was shocked, my breath caught in my throat. I couldn't move. Mac's hands came around and grabbed my breasts roughly. Ever so slowly He squeezed. I gasped. He leant over and whispered in my ear that it was a shame I had jeans on. Had I been wearing a skirt He would have finger-fucked me until I came. Right there, in the aisle, up against the shelves. I could feel His groin grinding against my ass and I might have moaned but only slightly. My knees felt weak. Then, suddenly, He was gone, back to pushing Sarah Jane in her carriage.

I was shaking, literally shaking, I am still not sure if it was in embarrassment, or lust. My mind raced. I tried to work out if He really would have done it or not. I mean, I know we have at times done it in public places, but this was in a store, under bright lights, with lots of people about. He wouldn't have, would He? No. I am sure He wouldn't have. He was just saying that because I have started to wear jeans a little too much and I know He doesn't like me in them. I am sure that was all it was. Thank god! Right? Thank god.

Mac didn't say anything to more about it to me after that and I stopped trying to get a reaction from Him. The one I did get still had me trembling. We finished our shopping like nothing had happened and drove home discussing what I could cook for dinner in our new pots.

I took Sarah Jane upstairs to change her while Mac brought the things in from the car. I got out of my jeans and put on a skirt. When I went back down stairs Mac didn't say anything, but He smiled, a smug, knowing smile and I pretended I had no idea what His smile meant.

And the feel of Him, pressed against me, His voice rough and menacing in my ear, His groin grinding into my ass as I was pushed into the shelves, His hands squeezing my breasts, the embarrassment and shock keeping me there, these things are things that have taunted me all week. They have made my breasts heavy and my pussy hot and swollen and I might have touched myself once or twice while thinking about it. I know I would be horrified if it did happen. I would be horrified and mortified and want to crawl away and hide, but I can't stop thinking that I want Him to do it to me.

I have already picked out the skirt I am wearing on our next shopping trip.

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