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Friday, November 16, 2007

We had a wonderful holiday, focused mainly on us. I always think that is how a holiday should be. I remember going on holidays with my parents as kids and dad would go off fishing and mum would spend her day with us. It was just like being at home really with dad fishing instead of being at work. I know it was his holiday too, but I don’t remember him spending any time with us. I don’t want my children to remember it that way. I want them to remember family holidays.

So we did everything together. We shopped, we beached bummed, we ate and we swam together. We went on long walks with Sarah Jane and built sand castles while trying to stop her from eating sand and read her stories while she sat on our laps. We made sure that every day was filled with plenty of stimulation and lots of games for her and we also made sure there was plenty of time for rest.

Every day when we put Sarah Jane down for her nap, Mac and I would end up in bed too. Having a couple of hours where we were confined to the room every day gave us lots of time to find things to do with each other. We would spend the whole time naked, in bed, even if we were just reading a book or taking a nap, though most days we ended up doing deliciously wicked things. It was intimate, touching, laughing and talking, resting and reading while holding on to each other. Instead of feeling like we were trapped in our room, it became one of our favourite times of the day. Where we were wasn't nearly as important as being together. I have never felt so much a part of Mac. I have never seen Him so content and at peace.

And every time I think that He and I could not get any closer, that we have reached the very peak of togetherness, something happens that entwines us even further. Moving in together, buying the house, getting married, falling pregnant with Sarah Jane, her birth and now this pregnancy.

Our family is growing bigger, but it is getting so much closer.

This is my happily ever after and yet, as Mac often reminds me, we have just begun.

We have so much more of forever to go.

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