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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Please?" I begged. "Please, don't."

His hand was holding my neck, my throat. Not pressing on it, just holding me back against Him while His other hand had slide between my swollen belly and my legs to slide along the lips of my vagina. I was wet, slick from sex already had and from the promise of more to come.

'Don't what?" He hissed in my ear. "What is it don't want me to do, slut?"
"Stop.' I grunted pressing down against His fingers as they slid between the lips. "Don't fucking stop."
He chuckled. "My greedy little whore." He bit my neck and my knees buckled. "Cock sucking whore."

I came, grunting and pushing down harder onto His fingers. His hand slid from my neck to under my breasts to support me as I gave in to the orgasm and just enjoyed it.

Some time passed and I was holding my own weight again. Mac was still holding me, kissing my neck.

"Enough?" He asked and I could hear the smile in His voice. That was my six orgasm of the morning and it was not yet 11am. Mac had already come twice.
"More." I said and I started to giggle. How on earth could any amount of Him be enough?
"Horny little tart." He chuckled and rubbed his groin against me so I could feel how His cock had already swelled.
I shrugged and turned around. 'Well, You did say that I am a cock sucking whore."

He groaned when I took him in my mouth.

He has been home for almost two weeks and still we can't get enough of each other. We are rediscovering that we are the most important things in our world, Mac, Sarah Jane and me. I figure that one day we have to come down and rejoin reality, but right now, I am enjoying every moment that we have.

The world can just wait until we are done.

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