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Sunday, April 13, 2008

He was already in the bedroom when I came in from brushing my teeth. He had the pillows arranged on the bed just so. I looked at Him, knowing what He wanted and I was not surprised to see that His cock was already hard. He patted the pillows.

"On your hands and knees, girl." He said.

I smiled at Him and climbed onto the bed, positioning myself with the pillows to support me and my hugely swollen belly. I need them these days, my back tires easily carrying around all this extra weight at the front. He held back long enough to make sure that I was comfortable then He knelt over the top of me, pushing His cock up against me while He whispered in my ear.

"Tell me you want it, Sarah." He said. One of His hands tangled in my hair and His teeth grazed my neck.
"I want it." I whimpered. "I want Your cock inside me."
"Greedy little whore." He said and He forced himself inside me.

And what followed wasn't pretty, or flowery or romantic. What followed was a good old fashioned fuck. His cock moved inside my cunt and it made a slick, wet sound. He pulled Himself out then pushed himself back in again. He moved back to His knees and placed a hand onto my lower back while the other held onto my hip. He grunted as He pulled out this time and I knew He was watching as His cock disappeared again. Then He did it again and again and again and I clenched my cunt muscles on Him because it feels better for both of us that way. He started to groan and His cock pulsed and I knew He was coming inside me. He kept moving, pushing His hips further and further until He was done. He reached around me while His cock was still inside me and He flicked His fingers across my clitoris until I came too, my orgasm forcing His softening cock from inside of me.

That was it. That was all. It was all it needed to be. There is no prose here, no need to embellish and make it seem like something else. It was fucking, raw, intense fucking. It was good, just like that.

I guess I am feeling a little jaded of late. Everything I read is so full of all this beautiful prose that leaves me wondering if I am missing something. Glistening petals covered in gentle dew, opening for the sword. It's a cunt, a wet cunt at that, being penetrated by a cock. I am not sure why it has to be something more.

Mac says it is the books fault I am feeling this way. I read Atonement. I made it all the way to the end. Mac made it to the bit where she dove into the fountain before He gave up on it. I made it to the end because I was sucked in by one line. "In my dreams I kiss your cunt, your sweet wet cunt." In that one line in the book, I found honesty. Unfortunately, it was the only honest line I could find. But I was sure, absolutely sure that if I just kept trudging on, I would break through to where there were more.

I am sure there are people that love the book and I think if it is what works for you, then great! I mean, they made a movie out of it so it must have impressed a lot of people. And I guess also that it is rather arrogant of me to offer up my opinion on a work that has received so much praise. But on the other hand, I am a reader too, and I believed the people that told me it was a must read. (And yes, young girl at the counter who gushed breathlessly that she had just started reading this book and it was brilliant, I am including you!) I bought it on their word. So I am saying now, if you haven't bought it and you don't like reading flowery prose and you do like a little thrill in what you read, leave this one on the shelf.


At least the sex we had was good.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 10:59 am

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