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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"You know what I miss?" He asked as we climbed into bed.
"My flat tummy?" I guessed while staring at the huge swelling remorsefully. Some days I feel like I am going to pop.
"Nah." He said. "I think your belly is beautiful."
I smiled. "What do You miss?" I asked.
"I miss you ovulating."

I blinked. Never would I have guessed that it would be that.

"Are You horny, Babe?" I asked.
"No! Well, yes, but that is not it. I mean, all orgasms are good, but when you are ovulating, there is this urge know!"

I grinned, because I did know what He was talking about. I think it is much the same for Him as it is for me, that feeling that sex is not just wanted, it is needed. For me it is a deep and powerful urge to make Him spurt all of his spunk inside me. For Him it is a deep and powerful urge to spurt all of His spunk inside me. It always makes the sex intense.

I kissed Him and I reached down to gently stroke His cock. "I can't ovulate for You right now." I said. "But I promise to start as soon as I can after this child is born."

He grinned at me and I kissed Him again.

"What I can do now," I whispered as I continued to stroke Him, "is tell You about my ex-boyfriend, the one I had in high school. I could tell You about the things he used to do to me when he had me tied to the kitchen table and how disgustingly wet it used to make me."
"You wicked girl." He groaned. "Tell me."

I still don't understand why jealousy works for Him this way but it does. It makes Him come so very hard for me. He says that it is powerful, a strong desire to overpower any man that has had me before and even though it sometimes makes Him scowl, the intensity of the sex is worth it. If I get jealous, I just want to stab the cow in the face and smile pleasantly while pulling out the knife. But jealous lust makes Him want me.

This morning as we lay in bed, Mac stroked my back gently.

"You were a very dirty girl last night." He whispered, grinning. "I should tell your mother what you said."
I giggled. I honestly did. I out and out giggled like a little girl caught doing something she knows is naughty. "You wouldn't do that." I said. "Because then I wouldn't do it again tonight."
He pretended to ponder this for a moment. "You are right." He said. "I won't tell, as long as you promise to always love me this much. You are utterly gorgeous."

As much as I would have liked to make that promise to Him, I just couldn't bring myself to lie to Him.

I know that by tonight, I will already love Him more.

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