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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am sorry that I have been quiet for so long, but I had good reason.

Mac, Sarah Jane and I would like to announce that there is a new member to our little family.


It's a BOY!

A perfect little boy, all his fingers and toes in the right places.

6 pound 1 ounce

46cm long

His name is Nicholas Alexander McBroden. Nicholas for Tzar Nicholas. Alexander, for Alexander the Great. Regal names. Names of strength and character. Mac and I call him Nicholas, but others tend to shorten it to Nick. We don't mind.

Mac bought Nicholas a rugby ball. And a cricket ball. Both are sitting on the top of his dresser, for future use. He just wanted His son to have them ready to go when he is ready. No pressure, of course.

Sarah Jane is somewhat perplexed at all the fuss and bother over the little bundle. She likes to hold him and pet him, but then she wants to put him away so she can have all the attention. As far as she is concerned he doesn't seem to do much except sleep and eat. Mac and I make sure we include her when we are doing things with her little brother, as well as put time aside just to spend with Sarah Jane. It is important that she knows she is still our special little girl.

I need to get moving again, before the little man wakes up and wants feeding again.

Thank you for all your well wishes while I was away.

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