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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ok, the ankle tying thing. I thought I had mentioned it before, but perhaps not. Every night when we get into bed, Mac ties one of my ankles, just one, to one leg of the bed. He uses a nice soft rope we found at the hardware store. It is a decent length of rope so I can climb out of bed and stand up with no problem. I can move around the bed pretty freely too, and it is a simple knot, one I can easily get out of myself if I need to, but I am not allowed to take it off or put it on. Mac does it. This means that I am only tied when He is home, and that I have to wake Him every time I have to get out of bed.

He does this because I sleep better with my ankle tied. I feel more secure and safe. I don't exactly know why, but I wake more rested when I have my ankle tied. Mac likes that it helps me sleep and He allows and encourages it. It works for us.

We had some sad news this week. Mac's great aunt passed away. I know that death often makes people uncomfortable and I do understand people's desire to console, and I do know that this is not the message they mean to convey, but the truth is, that just because she was old, it doesn't make it for the best. She was a feisty old girl and I adored her, as did Mac. We attend the funeral tomorrow and I know it will leave me completely drained. I also know that people have my best interests at heart when they assume that I won't be going to the funeral, but I have convinced Mac that it would be best for me to go and have the doctor's approval to be there. I want to say goodbye.

I have a very sore back at the moment. It feels the way I remember it feeling in the days leading up to the birth of Sarah Jane.

I have a feeling that I only have a few days to go.

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