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Sunday, June 29, 2008

We didn't wait six weeks after Sarah Jane was born to have sex. We didn't wait that long this time either, though due to complications that kept me in hospital for longer than I should have been there, we did wait longer this time. I know Mac would have kept waiting if I wasn't ready, but, I was ready and He was gentle and it was good. It didn't hurt at all and I didn't expect it to. After a little initial tightness it just felt good. I didn't orgasm though. I was too scared to do that, because orgasms cause my uterus to contact and I know that is a silly thing to think because my uterus contracts every time I breast feed. Still, I didn't feel comfortable enough to let myself orgasm. I am not letting it bother me. It will happen when I am ready for it to.

This time breast feeding is a lot less painful. My nipples have not been sore and my breasts have not leaked like they did those first six weeks with Sarah Jane. This is a good thing, as Nicholas is waking every three hours for feeding. I don't think I could do it if I was in pain. Some days it feels like I have just put Him into bed and he is waking up again. I am suffering from a severe lack of sleep. People keep suggesting that I try him on the bottle, but he is healthy and growing fine and I don't want to supplement my breast milk with a bottle while he is getting what he needs from me.

I figure that the three hour feeds can't last forever. I can handle it until he settles down.

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