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Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are all doing fine here at the McBroden residence. Young Master Nicholas and Miss Sarah Jane are doing their absolute best to make sure I do not have a moment to myself. Nicholas has just started to settle down from his three hourly feeding routine into something more humane, sometimes going four or five hours before waking me.

He is so cute when he is fed. He is like a little over stuffed teddy bear. He lays on my lap too full to even raise his tiny fists and looks up at me and sighs in contentment. I sit him up and hold his little chin in my hand and at his back and he instantly falls asleep until he burps. Then he opens his eyes and gives me a look as if to say "Do you mind, I am trying to sleep!" before sighing again and going back to sleep.

Sarah Jane thinks it is absolutely hilarious that we can make 'Ni-ho-ha' burp by patting him on the back and she will often wander over while I am burping him so she can pat him on the back too. When he has burped she will giggle, then pronounce him to be a good boy. She will even clean his little chin of spit. She loves to help me bathe Nicholas and insists on checking the temperature of the water and on handing me things as I need them, the flannel, the baby wash, the towel, the massage oil, his clothes. It has become almost a game.

Nicolas loves it when she is around. He watches her with fierce concentration and often gets so excited when she talks to him that he frightens himself throwing his hands into the air. When he cries she pets him and tells him gently not to cry. If he doesn't stop, she frowns at me to pick him up. She doesn't like it when he cries. She tells me it means something is wrong.

Most of the time though, apart from burping and bathing Nicholas, he holds little interest for Sarah Jane who can't see the point in a little brother who won't run and dance and play ball and build blocks with her. She is much too busy being a grown up baby to spend too much time worrying about him.

And the whole world comes crumbling down if I am feeding Nicholas when Sarah Jane is ready for her nap time. She will go and get her book and bring it to me and stand in front of Nicholas and me with the promise of a tantrum brewing in the look on her face. She waits as long as she can to get me to herself before she will give in and climb on the side I am not feeding on for her reading time. Sometimes I end up with a baby asleep in each arm.

When that happens, I know that I am so lucky to know such simple and uncomplicated love.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 4:26 pm

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