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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recently our sex has been... demanding. The bruises on my breasts are just starting to fade. He used the brush. I hate the brush. It doesn't take much effort for it to hurt and mark. It is vicious. I have tried hiding it, but I need it to brush my hair before bed and I forget to hide it again. He is mean with it, using it to quickly reduce me to tears and make Him rock hard. He comes harder when it hurts more.

But He says it is not because I am in pain. He says it is because when He hurts me, I make it sound like nothing so hot has ever been done to me before. Every time He hurts me I groan and thrust up my hips. My pussy throbs and leaks, heats and swells as I become suffused with lust. I want it. I need it. And I let Him know how good it makes my cunt feel.

When He knows how good I feel, He can hardly control Himself. He needs to be inside me. He has to use me. He comes hard, His spunk pulled from His cock by me. I love to watch Him in those moments. He tenses His whole body and grunts in complete pleasure. It makes me want to scream out to the world that He is mine, that this is the reason I exist. I know He loves me. Not only does He tell me, but here I have it, the physical evidence, His body slumped against me, His semen leaking from me. He has spent Himself in me. I did this too Him. I made Him desire me so much that He had to have me. His orgasm is mine. He belongs to me.

And of course, after we are done and into the next day, He is a little more attentive to me. He needs the contact with me. He needs to make sure I am ok. We kiss more, touch more, He asks how I am doing and He smiles when I complain of soreness because He knows I am just complaining to remind Him it is there.

Our sex is more than just physical pleasure. Not that the physical pleasure is not damn good! It is my way of showing Him just what He means to me. It is His way of letting me know He is mine.

He tells me that I have Him bewitched with my sex, but His sex keeps me enthralled in Him.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:05 am

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