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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We have been quite wicked of late, Mac and me. One day while the children were sleeping and I had a little time on my hands, I wrote Mac a little scenario and emailed it too Him. It was not really anything too unusual, it wasn't overly revealing or dangerous, it was just a little flirt, a slight nudge, a Sarah way of saying that maybe sex between us has been a little bit unimaginative between us of late. Of course that is to be expected between work and children and such things. Sleep is precious; things that interfere with sleep were being done a little rushed. Still good, still satisfying, but a little rushed.

So I started it, a sort of story that was rougher and more intense then we have been and I emailed it to Him at work. It wasn't a complete scene, just the start, a few ideas of where we could start and an invitation for Him to tell me what happens next. Simple. Sweet. Hot. Very hot.

His reply was unexpected. He went in a direction that I was not ready for. It became a sort of "what if this happened?" and I had to come up with a reply. It made me think. It made me desire. I replied with what I would want to happen next which in turn surprised Him. There was discussion, much discussion, every day when He got home from work. The story has continued every work day since then, a part each, back and forth, not knowing what the other would write but knowing that whatever it is it would only increase our lust. I have told Him secrets, deep dark dirty secrets and each and every revelation about just how perverted my sexuality can be has made Him want me more. There have been times that I have surprised Him, and I think times I have shocked Him, but nothing has made Him turn away. He has told me that I lust things that He would never be able to do to me but that I lust them makes Him hard with desire. I have told Him that even though I lust them, that does not mean I actually want them done because the thought and the reality can be worlds apart. He understands. And instead of doing them, we whisper about them when we fuck.

Mac suggested that I post the story here. But it is now 20 word pages long and when Mac made the suggestion, I didn't want to. I immediately wanted to edit, and censor what I had already admitted to and I knew I would be careful not to confess anything more. I never meant for the things I said to be published. They are my secrets, about the deepest parts of me, things I never thought I would admit to anyone and even to Mac, they are secrets I can only reveal while writing about someone else.

So instead of posting the story here, I thought I would just tell you that this is what we have done. Are in fact still doing. The story is still growing, getting dirtier, more depraved. Mac and I are still lusting each other. We can hardly keep our hands off each other. We don't sleep until we have spoken about the day's revelations and more often than not it leads to hot wicked sex. We are playing with each other all day, heightening our desires constantly. We love it. It has reminded us that we are very sexual beings.

I know that there will come a time when we will tire of the story. We will slowly fade off writing and we will move on to something else to that makes us lust. I know that we will find other ways to make each other crazy with sex. For now though, and for as long as this lasts, we will throw ourselves into it and enjoy every single breathless moment.

God. We will enjoy it so much.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 11:55 am

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