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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I had a bit of a medical issue yesterday. Not a huge one, but enough of one to put a scare into us. The doctor changed a medication that I was taking as the one I had been on was not as effective as we would have liked.

I had a bad reaction to the new medication. It was in patch form, delivered very slowly through the skin, so the mild discomfort I felt at 9am was full blown illness by 2pm. I rang my Dr's nurse who told me to take the patch off and come straight to the office. I called Mac who dropped every thing and arrived home to get me in record time.

He took me to the Dr's office and she saw me immediately. She asked what had happened and what I had felt, anxiousness, shaking, nausea, vomiting, and an overwhelming tiredness, so tired that it was hard to lift up my hands to make the phone calls. My tongue felt thick and slow in my mouth. My words were slurred and whenever I moved my eyes, I would feel like throwing up again. It was horrible and even with the patch off, the symptoms took a long time to subside.

But slowly, they did subside and I was feeling much better by 7pm, a full 24 hours from the application of the patch. The doctor put on record that I am not to be given that drug ever again as I was on the lowest possible dose. She was happy that she had decided to err on the side of caution. I was happy that she had too. I am back on the first medication I was on, but at a higher dosage. We know I don’t react to this one. We are just hoping it works.

From the time I called Mac until I was feeling more like myself, Mac was there. He practically carried me out to the car, He supported me into the Dr's office and He guided me back inside once we were home. He pulled me onto His lap and He held onto me tightly. I scared Him. He didn't want me to know it, but I knew. I let Him hold onto me because honestly there was nowhere that I would have rather been and also because He needed to hold on to me. I could tell He was feeling helpless, and He needed to feel like He was doing something for me.

He kissed me a lot, and as I started to feel better, I kissed Him too. He told me that when I was sick, He was sick too. He said we are one. This suddenly struck me as the most beautiful and wonderful thing that has ever come from His lips. I was sitting in His lap, He was holding onto me tightly, His fingers were entwined in mine. I was looking at His hand when He kissed me on the head and said it. So simple. So utterly simple. And so completely true. We are one.

I knew I was feeling better when Mac started to feel hungry. I knew He would not have been able to eat if I was still not feeling well. He left me on the couch long enough to make Himself something to eat and to make me some tea. He was still taking care of me.

And today is our anniversary. I have something quiet and special planned for us. I don't know if Mac has anything. It would not disappoint me if my present was His kisses. Three years ago He gave me His name. That is worth a lifetime of gifts.

I am still utterly stunned at the way that He put it. It is gorgeous.

Happy anniversary, my beautiful Husband.

We are one, Babe.

We are O/one.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 1:27 pm

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