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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last night I was lying on my back, naked, next to Mac who was also naked. I was telling Him about the book that I had just finished. I knew He wouldn't read it but I had been so absorbed by the characters that I wasn't ready to let them go. I wanted to share them with someone and He was naked in bed so He couldn’t escape.

He was lying on His side, His head resting on His elbow and He was stroking my body, touching my breasts, my tummy, my inner thighs, my recently waxed pussy, while I talked. He smiled as I told Him excitedly about all my new friends. He understands how involved with them I get.

Then His fingers found my clitoris and I gave up on trying to talk. I sighed contentedly. I turned to Him and reached up to touch His face, encouraging His lips to mine. We kissed. His tongue snaked into my mouth. And I moaned. We kept kissing, my tongue following His as it retreated back into His mouth, then His tongue back in my mouth as I gently sucked. My hips rose up to meet His fingers that were taking their time to go from inside me, along my pussy to my clitoris and back again. He refused to be hurried, so all I could do was moan into His mouth and keep kissing Him.

I was breathless when I came. I clung to His arm, my legs clamped together to hold His fingers still while I thrust my hips up, wanting Him to move, but knowing I would be unable to handle the pure pleasure if He did. His tongue was still in my mouth. I whimpered until my body relaxed. He freed His hand and broke away from our kiss. He used His slippery fingers to coat my lips, then He kissed me again.

I tried to curl up, to curl into His body, but He pushed me back onto my back and moved over me. I opened my legs eagerly and wrapped them around His back, pulling Him into me with my heels. He was hard as I knew He would be. Kissing always has that affect on Him. He finds it so erotic.

When He entered me it felt so good that my eyes rolled back into my head. I couldn't help it. It felt like I had been waiting for just this all my life. It was more than just pleasure, it was a relief, a release. Finally it was happening, what I was meant for, what I was made for. I wanted nothing more than this.

Then He was moving inside me, slowly, taking His time. His lips found mine again, open mouthed, His tongue pressing into me. His hand moved from the bed beside me to grasp my breast. He squeezed and I whimpered. My muscles squeezed and He moaned. And then again. I arched my back and my body spasmed. I came again. He kept His lips on mine though I tried to twist away. He wouldn't let me get enough air. I needed more. He didn't care.

Suddenly He stopped. He stopped kissing me and stopped moving. I knew He hadn't come so I blinked in surprise.

"What's wrong?" I whispered, my hands moved from His back to His face.
"I am going to come." His voice was thick with pleasure. "But I don't want it to stop yet. It feels so fucking good."
I smiled, recognising the best of compliments. "I want it." I whispered. "I want You to come for me." I pulled His face back to mine and tried to move my hips. He pinned me down easily, but He accepted the kiss.

He pulled back again and His hand pressed on my throat. I opened my mouth to protest then I realised how close I was to coming again and I squirmed myself against His groin and again I came, clawing at the fingers on my neck. He was not pressing so hard that I couldn't breathe, just so I couldn't get the extra air I wanted. His face was so close to mine I could feel Him breathing. He was watching me, studying my pleasure. Then He groaned and pushed into me over and over. He grunted and His face contorted in agony. I held Him. I held onto Him tightly and grunted with Him. He shuddered and groaned. He kissed me, then broke away to catch His breath. Then He kissed me again.

He rolled to His side and pulled me into His chest. I snuggled up to Him.

"I love you, Angel." He whispered and He sighed contentedly.
I grinned. "I love You." I whispered back and all I could think was how perfect it had been.

He snored gently. I giggled and snuggled in closer.

This is just one reason why I fall in love with Him every single day.

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