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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sometimes, just to keep Mac interested, I will wear panties to bed.

This keeps Him interested because Mac likes to touch me when we are in bed. He likes to touch me all over while He is going to sleep. His hand will seek out the softest parts of my skin, beneath my breasts, the inside of my arm, where my leg becomes my groin, and He will stroke that part of me idly. I think it empties His mind and relaxes Him.

So when I am wearing panties, His hand can't get to one of the places He likes to touch, and that makes Him take notice of what He is doing. And then He becomes interested in me. Usually He will pull my panties aside and have His way with me. Or He might pull them down at the back and come on my bottom, then pull them up again and make me sleep with them all wet. He has also been known to pull them down to my knees and make me sleep with them there, like a manipulative bad girl, because He knows when I wear the panties to bed, it is just to get the attention of His cock.

I don't do it often, because then the effectiveness of it will be diminished. But sometimes, when I think He needs to be encouraged, well... it is one of the things I know works!

He really does have such simple tastes.

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