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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We were changing the sheets after a particularly messy bout of sex where we had both come more than once and I could feel what spunk Mac had left inside me trickling down my thigh. Most of it was on the sheets though, hence the middle of the night sheet change. I had thrown on the shirt Mac had taken off and He was in a pair of track pants He keeps beside the bed for such emergencies and for when Sarah Jane comes in and jumps on us in the morning. We were both smiling, both very satisfied. But I may have looked a little smug as well. After all, I had made Him make such a mess we had to change the sheets.

"You love it, don't you?" He said grinning across the bed at me.
"Uh huh." I grinned back at Him.

We stripped the sheets off and I got a new set from the hallway cupboard. I came back into the room and Mac was watching me.

"Have you ever been with a man that was just there to please you?" He asked.
I blinked. It was an unexpected question. "Yes." I said. And named my ex, a guy I had met at the same time I met Mac. Mac had been with someone else then too. "Why?"
He shrugged. "I just wondered. He just never knew what you wanted, did he?"
I smiled. "Well, no, he didn't. But even if he had known, he couldn't be You."

He grinned and we put the sheet on the bed, pulling it down to the base and tucking the elastic under.

"What did you think sex with me would be like?" He asked.
I blinked again.
"I mean," He continued, "did she ever tell you anything about sex with me?" He meant his ex girlfriend. I knew He meant His ex.

There was a time when she and I were friends, before I was with Mac, of course. And our friendship ended while she and Mac were still together. She set me up to hurt Mac when she and Mac were having problems, then she blamed me for doing what she set me up to do. I could forgive her for what she did to me, but because she made me hurt Mac, I couldn't bring myself to forgive her for that.

We were friends for a while though, and we did talk, but not very often about Mac. I think she knew I was infatuated with Mac (everyone knew I was infatuated with Mac, they just didn't tell me) and she didn't want to encourage it with girl talk. Either that or she just didn't talk about such things. Some girls don't. I tend not to, but my sister has no secrets. I know way more than I want to know about her sex life. (Mine is better. Maybe that is why I don't talk about it.) What Mac's ex did tell me was that Mac was difficult to please, and impossible to seduce. Sex was something He took when He wanted it and if He didn't want it, she could do nothing to talk Him into it.

I will admit, it did frighten me when we were first together. I was waiting for Him to ask me to do something difficult. Like what? I had no idea. I had never been with a man that was hard to please. They all wanted the same things from me. Sex. I can do sex! But what if I couldn't make him come? I kept waiting for it to become difficult. I kept wondering what would happen if sex didn't please Him. What would little Sarah Broden have to do to please this big difficult man?

I now think what she meant was Mac gets bored rather quickly and you have to be prepared to pamper and tease His lusts. I don't think that is difficult. I love finding things that make Him grunt. I find it easy to do. I just watch and listen to Him. He doesn't usually come right out and say what it is, He might just read me a paragraph from a book, or point something out from a magazine or a television show. And all I have to do is give it to Him, in fantasy or reality, depending on what it is. He often doesn't even realise He has given me the clue. He will say to me 'you always know what I am thinking'. I just smile.

He thinks I have bewitched Him sexually.

I told Him what she had told me while we tucked in the top sheet and threw on the quilt. He smiled.

He took off his track pants and climbed into bed. I took off His shirt and climbed in beside Him.
"She never knew how to please me." He said.
"That was mean." I said and I giggled and snuggled up beside Him. (Yes. I can be a bitch.)
"But it was the truth." He said. "Until I was with you, I didn't know what it was like to be really properly pleased. She just didn't know how so sex was something I had when I wanted to have it, and that was it." He was stroking my side, running His hand over my ass, pulling me closer to Him. "But you, you don't have any problem seducing me."
"I know." I giggled and kissed His neck. My hand was between us, touching Him.
"You seduce me whenever you want." His breath caught as my thumb slid over the head of His cock.
"I know." I said again and snuggled into His neck.

He pushed me onto my back and climbed over me. "Tell me what will make you come, Sarah. Tell me what will please you."
I smiled up at Him. "Your cock inside my cunt. Your tongue in my mouth. You grunting in orgasm. I want that."
"You are so fucking gorgeous." He said. "Just so fucking gorgeous."
I wound my legs around Him and wrapped my arms around His neck.

He kissed me.

We slept with messy sheets.

The last two days in a row I have made Him late for work.

I need to start using my powers responsibly.

I promise I will start tomorrow...


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