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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some stuff!

I know some people were disappointed in the last part of Angel. I am ok with that. You cannot please everyone all of the time. Heck, I can't even please Mac all of the time! I do try though, so that counts. I like writing Angel. Mac likes me writing Angel. Whenever I send him a part of it, which is less frequently than I would like it to be, He calls me Angel for the next few days. I think that is sweet. He does see a lot of me in Angel, or a lot of Angel in me.

He knows me too well.

I think that people should not assume that Angel will pick her Master over Geoff. I haven't made up my mind yet who she will end up with. I am quite fond of Geoff. He is going to be a great man one day. He is just taking his time growing into it. Angel knows it too, or she would have left him by now. And let's face it, sex isn't everything, and it is all Angel and her Master know they have in common. I don't know that she will leave her husband. I guess I should know what is going to happen, but I don't. I really don't. I just know that Angel cannot have them both. Damn shame, but it is the truth.


Mac and I have been lazy in our sex lately. It doesn't mean that we are not having it, just that we doing it to maximize both of our pleasure in the little time we have. That means a lot of blow jobs for him and clitoral stimulation for me. It helps keep us close to each other even when we have little time to spend alone together that isn't earmarked for sleeping.

We still like to mess with each other's minds, whispering dirty forbidden things that we probably don't even want to try. We just want to tantalize and tease each other with them. We enjoy pushing the boundaries, finding things that make each other grunt harder. I sometimes worry about what we could possibly find to turn us on even more than all the things we have found so far. I worry that we must come to an end of our sex. But we always find something, or find a twist on things we have used before. It still is exciting to have sex with him. It still is exciting to be around him. Just his voice on the phone melts me. It still feels brand new. Our love still feels brand new. Even when we are being lazy, it is still the most exciting sex I have ever had. How wonderful is that?


I am thinking about updating the blogroll next weekend. I managed to find time to run through the blogs I have on my list and I discovered that some of them are no longer being updated and some of them are blocked. I need to update the blog with links that people would like to read. If you think you have a blog that people who read me would also like to read, please send the link to my email address. I know people have already sent me some links, but because I was not looking after the blog at that time, I did not add them to my links, so please don’t think that if I have not added you, I have rejected you. I only reject people that are using their blogs to advertise products or if they only update every other month or so. I also prefer sites that do not open to pictures I would be embarrassed to show my mother! Other than that, all requests I get to be added to my blogroll in the next week will be considered.


This entry was a little convoluted. I am working on some other stuff, as well as another part of Angel. I want to get back to writing more. I know I have said it before, but Mac and I discussed it, and He believes it will do me good to do more writing. He wants me to write. And it seems like Mac always gets what He wants. At least from me.

So we will aim for twice a week from now on.

You should complain if I don't keep it up!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:45 am

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