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Monday, March 16, 2009

A few weeks ago, I found a dogging website. I was surprised when I read about it. I didn't know.

Dogging has nothing to do with dogs. Apparently dogging is going to a place, a public place, a well known place, often advertised on the internet, to have very public sex. They are usually car parks, near public parks, so somewhat secluded. Couples park there, and have sex with each other while other people watch and are sometimes invited to participate. There is quite a large dogging network in the UK.

I told Mac about it, because it surprised me and He teased me about it for a while. Then we hit our period of sexual disinterest. To get it back, here is what Mac wrote to me in email:

Imagine we are in a bar, drinking, bantering with some guys there. Guys like the ones from your story you would like to be around. (A very violent and non-consensual story I wrote recently.)
Imagine the banter gets more sexual, more serious.
You are animated, sparkling at the male attention.
One of them says to me 'OK how much for an hour with her?'
I look at you. You look quizzically back, alert for my answer.
'Hmmmm I say....10 bucks. Each.'
'DONE' he laughs.
'Don't I get a say here?' you retort.
'Of course not. You are mine to do with as I please.'

15 minutes later you are astonished to find yourself at my car, in the dark lot.
You are being kissed by one of them, your tongue in his mouth.
A second is pressed against your back, his erection digging into you.
The third is unlocking the car.

Tell me what happens...EVERTHING that the next 45 minutes or so, before the four of you appear back in the bar in various degrees of dishevelment, with your hand out to me demanding your share of the 30 bucks.

Tell me everything.
Make it what makes YOU wet and aching for it, rather than what you think will arouse me most. Make it so that YOU wish it could happen RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Meanwhile I will think how it would be if it were written for MY arousal
Let's see how they compare.

And my response was:

It is cold in the car park, I can feel my nipples hard beneath my shirt and I am not sure if it is because of the cold or because of the two guys that I am between. I can feel a cock digging into my arse cheek. I can taste the guy in front of me, the beer he has drunk, as he breathes into my mouth and sucks on my tongue. I am touching his face, moaning softly, stroking the thigh of the guy behind as he kisses my neck. I have vague reservations. Good girls don't. Good girls are not sold for $30and if they are, good girls don't enjoy it, but I am enjoying this, this feeling of being between these two guys. I hear the door unlock and I don't want the kissing to stop. I like the kissing. I want to kiss him for a long long time.

"Fuck. You guys hurry up. I am freezing my balls off."
The guy sucking my neck chuckles, which sends a shiver down my spine.
"In the car, sweetheart." One says.
I go to get into the back of the car, but I am stopped by a hand on my shoulder.
"Take your panties off first. It will be easier out here."

I stop and look around, aware that there could be people around. Being groped is one thing, undressing is another. I blush.

"Do it." He says.

I reach down and pull my panties off, feeling more heat flood my cunt. I stand up again and quickly look around before holding them out. One of them takes them and puts them in his pocket. I stand there for a moment longer.

"Get in the car." One says. And I do.

I crawl into the car, aware that they can see up my skirt. I blush thinking of them looking. I love knowing they are looking. I turn over, onto my back and wait, listening to them discuss who is going first. Brad says he doesn't mind waiting. Chris says he wouldn't mind going first, because he is pretty sure that he could go again if she is any good. Scott says he doesn't mind as long as he gets his end away. Chris it is.

His erection was pressing against me when he was sucking my neck. He unzips his pants outside the car and he climbs onto the seat. My skirt is pushed up. I hook one leg onto the back of the front seat as Chris climbs between my legs. His has a hold of his cock, stroking it. I shift a little and reach a hand down between my legs, opening my cunt. He growls. I smile. I like making him growl.

He moves over me, I take his cock and guide it into me and groan when it enters me. I take his face in my hands and drag his mouth down onto mine and push my tongue between his lips. He growls again. I squeeze my cunt. He growls. I wrap my legs around his hips and moan into his mouth. He growls.

I keep squeezing my cunt, loving the feel of him inside me, thrusting up my hips with my heels in his back so he can get further and further inside me.

He grunts and spurts, growling into my mouth. God. God. God.

He rests on me, his whole body laying on me, all of his weight. I can't breathe properly but I don't care, I can feel his cock softening, slipping from me. I squeeze trying to keep it in. He slides out anyway.
I hear Brad and Scott talking.

"Look at the spunk dripping down her ass." Scott says.
"Christ. I want to fuck that." Brad says.
"I am next." Scott says.
"Ok. I can wait." Brad says.

Chris starts to climb off me and I reach up and touch his face again and pull him back for another kiss. He smiles. He moves out of the car. I miss him. I want him back.

For a moment I feel lonely but then Scott is kneeling in the car.

"Undo your top and get your tits out." He says.

I unbutton my top and undo my bra. My nipples harden further under the scrutiny of Scott's stare. He leans over me. I wait to feel his cock pressing into my cunt and am surprised when instead his mouth is at my breast, his weight still on his knees. He suckles and then pulls my nipple out between his teeth. I suck in my breath as it goes straight to my cunt. He looks at me when he hears it. Then he bites. I gasp, almost sob and his eyes widen. He bites harder. I scream. He lets it go and then his mouth is down on my breast again. He takes the other in his mouth and bites it until I scream.

"For fuck's sake, Scott, you will have everyone over here." Brad says.
"So?" Scott says and he laughs.

He leans over and kisses me, biting my lip. He pushes his cock into me, thrusting immediately. I struggle under him. It seems to turn him on. He grabs my hair. He bites my neck, hard, harder. All his thrusts are hard and deliberate. I don't want to kiss him. I am afraid he will bite my tongue. I am a little afraid of him. My cunt is slick from Chris's spunk and slicker still from the pain. My clitoris is throbbing with a heartbeat of its own. I try to get my hair out of his grasp and it hurts. He jerks my hair, he likes to hurt me. He likes being in charge. He likes being in me on his terms. I lust that he wants it like that.

He puts a hand around my throat. He presses on it. I find it hard to draw breath. He watches me closely, very intensely. I have to look into his eyes. He keeps thrusting, thrusting, thrusting. My vision blurs and darkens at the edges. I try to whimper, to let him know it is too much but I also feel the heat grow in my cunt. There is a rushing noise in my ears. My body spasms. My cunt clenches. I come, hard, writhing, desperate for air, full of the orgasm. His thrusts become harder. Much harder. It hurts me. I still can't get air. I struggle more. The world gets blacker. My eyes roll back. He grunts, he grunts hard. His spunk spurts into my cunt. I squeeze, I can't help it, even as the world slips away.

Then suddenly I can breathe again. I suck in huge gulps of air and it makes me cough. I don't realise Scott is gone until the coughing stops. I lay back, suddenly exhausted. The fight for oxygen and the orgasm have left me feeling drained.

But there is still Brad and he is leaning into the car looking in.

"Turn over, girl." He says.
"What?" I ask, unsure what he means.
"Turn over onto your hands and knees."

I struggle to move, there isn't much room. I manage to get onto my knees. My shirt is open, my tits hanging down. I cough again.

I feel Brad climb onto the car seat behind me. It can't be comfortable. There is not much head room for him. I can feel him hunched over. He slides his body along my back. His cock is hard and springy. I shift myself back against him, positioning him against my cunt. His voice is at my ear.

"Reach back, girl. Guide me into your arse."
I gasp. "I can't." I whisper.
"Do it." He says.

My hand slides down beneath me. I can feel the all the spunk leaking from my cunt. I catch some on my fingers and reach back further to slide it over his cock. His breath catches in my ear and I stroke it again.

"Stop fucking around." He growls. "Get it in your arse."

I guide his cock to my arse and hold it against me. He pushes. I push back against him.

"Oh God." I moan. "Oh god." I feel it, pressing in. Pressing, pressing. I feel the head pop into me. I groan, a long low groan of lust. "Oh God. Please. Oh god."
"You love it don't you?" he growls into my ear. "You love it, you dirty ass fucked whore. Tell me you wanted it. Tell me."
"I want it." I groan.
"Tell me what you want, girl." His hand is at my throat, his body mounted on me, his cock still moving deeper into my arse.
"I want to be arse fucked. I want it." I sob.
He bites my shoulder, licks it and bites it again. I cry out as he pushes deeper.
"I want to be arse fucked, please?" I sob again.

The door in front of me opens and I am surprised. I look up and see Chris standing there undoing his pants.

"Your cunt is dripping spunk onto my car seat." He says.
"I am sorry." I moan. I feel so full.
"Don't worry. You will lick it up before we let you go."
I moan again and then Chris's cock is in front of me. He grabs my hair.
"Suck it." He says and he guides my mouth onto his cock.
I take it in my mouth and I can taste my cunt and his spunk on it. I moan again. He rocks his hips to push it into and out of my mouth. He keeps pushing it too deep making me choke. He grins when I cough. Brad grunts when I cough.

"Harder." Brad says to Chris. "Fuck her mouth harder."

Chris complies until I am gagging on every thrust. Brad is biting my shoulder and grunting in my ear. Chris is grunting. Suddenly I feel fingers in my cunt, thrusting up deeply into me. I think it must be Scott. I hope it is Scott and not some stranger.

Chris spurts, pushing his cock deep into my mouth. I cough, choking, trying to swallow, trying not to throw up, trying to breath. The fingers in my cunt are removed and then my clitoris is tightly pinched. I cry out even while choking. I try to move away from the pain but the fingers hang on.

Chris takes his cock out of my mouth and he wipes it on my face and hair before putting it away. Brad is still deep in my arse though his breathing is laboured, heavy in my ear. My clitoris is throbbing hurting.

"Oh god." I moan. "Oh god it hurts. Please. God it hurts."
I come again, hard again.

Brad feels the contractions on his cock. It is enough to tip him over the edge.
He grunts and then growls in my ear. I groan with him. His orgasm belongs to me. He bites into my shoulder again and I turn my head as far as I can and his tongue slips into my mouth as the last of the spunk is sucked from his cock.

"God." I whisper as his cock slips from my arse. "God." He leans into me, squashing me onto the seat. I want him to stay over me. I like his weight on me. It makes me feel safe.
I hear you outside the car.

"Times up, guys. Did you enjoy her?" You say.
"She was worth the ten bucks." Chris says.
"You would say that." Scott says. "You got to cum twice."
"You should have put your hand up first." I can hear the smirk in Chris's voice.
"You want to use her again?" You ask Scott.
"Yeah. I wouldn't mind fucking her throat."
"She has to clean up my car seat first." Chris says. "I told her she would."
"Then she will certainly do that." You say.

Brad has climbed off me and now that you are there I am eager to get to you. I know you like it when the spunk is hot inside me. You look in the car and see me doing up my bra.

"Leave it." You say. "Come out here."
I leave my tits out and I move out of the car. I am blushing, head bowed, standing before all of you with my breasts out, spunk running down my thighs.
"Get on your knees, Sarah." You say.
I look at you. I am stunned.
"Do it." You say.
I kneel down, the rocks dig into me.
"Go for it." You tell Scott. "This one is on me."

Scott steps up and unzips his pants. He grabs my hair and rubs his cock over my face, waiting for it to harden. When it is hard, he forces it past my lips and I look up at you, helplessly. You just watch.

Scott is mean, cold, he forces his cock into my throat until my head is pushed back against the car. Then pulls back out then does it again. When he knows how far he has to thrust, he lets go of my hair and just pushes into my mouth, making the back of my head bang against the car. MY hands come up to defend myself. I push against his thighs but he ignores me. I am choking on his cock, coughing and my head is banging against the car. My hands slide around his arse to pull him in further, to make it harder for him to thrust as hard. It doesn’t work. It just makes him go deeper. My throat is burning.

He grunts and comes, growling as he spurts his load into me. He pulls away and I fall forward, coughing into the ground, spunk spraying from my lips.
"Brad?" You ask. "Did you get two?"
"Nah." Says Brad. "I don't think I could."
"Get up, Sarah." You say and you hold out your hand to help me from my knees. "The car seat?" You ask Chris.
"Yes. I want her to lick it clean." Chris says.
I look at you.
"Do it." You say to me.

I turn around and lean over the seat. I am crying big fat silent tears. You can all see under my skirt, all see the spunk glistening on my thighs as my tongue licks at the seat.

"Maybe I could, after all." Brad says. "But I want her like this."
"Ok." You say and suddenly Brad is behind me, pulling me from the car and pressing me face first against it. I don't even have time to realise what is going on before he has impaled me on his cock. He throws this fuck into me, his hands squeeze my tits. I don't enjoy it. There isn't time. I am just the thing he has his cock inside. He comes quickly and drops me again.

"Well." You say. "You guys owe me $30." They each reach into their wallets and hold out the money. You take it and tuck it into your pocket. "Clean yourself up." You say to me.
I do up my bra and my top. I stop and I look at you. Then I look away.
"What is wrong?" You say.
"My panties." I whisper.
"Where are they?"
Brad takes them from his pocket and goes to hand them over.
You shrug. "Keep them." You say to him. "Think of her when you jerk off."
I am horrified again as I watch Brad smile at me and put them back into his pocket.
"I would pay another $10 to have her again." Scott says.
"Not tonight, boys. It's my turn to have her." You say.
"What about tomorrow night?” Brad asks.
"Give me your number." You say. "I will call when I want her used again."

I listen as you take their numbers and I hide behind my hair. When you are done, you take my arm and lead me away.

This is Mac's version.

She glared at Mac for being so arrogant as to sell her for so little, but she felt herself turn to liquid between her legs and she thought 'Fuck him! I will fucking GO with them. See how he likes THAT'. So she did

Outside it was different. She wasn't so brave. But GOD it was hot.
The guys weren't quite so brash either. None of them really knew what to do and it was a relief from the awkwardness by the car when the one called Brad almost made her giggle by saying gauchely 'ok then let's have a kiss.' So she did

But the kiss changed it all

He was rough cheeked and tasted of whiskey and cigarettes which she usually didn't like but his tongue entered her mouth almost shyly and in spite of herself and to her surprise her knees buckled and he had to hold her up.

Her knees buckled! At being KISSED! It was so ludicrous she almost laughed again.
They stood awkwardly and she wanted the kiss to go on and she felt it started to end and she knew if it did that it would be all over, just a brief prank, all back to the pub laughing at the joke that almost went too far. So she didn't let it end. She moved just so slightly so that her groin moulded with Brads and she was feeling his erection against her pussy and she melted into him and suddenly there was huge passion.

The car door opened and she had forgotten the others and she and Brad were on the back seat and kissing still, deep licking tongue kisses and he was pulling her tee shirt over her head and seemed to be able to do it with his tongue still in her mouth and she was fumbling at his belt and somehow had his pants down over his ass and she was aware of his cock hard against her and somehow her pants were off and her skirt was up and she was winding her legs round him and....the sound she could hear was her low moan and his.

She felt warmth and wetness against her tummy.

Then he was inside her.

She pulled him against her and grunted and touched his face and his hair and he was inside her and she was aware he was shuddering and that the wetness on her tummy was his orgasm which started before he was in her and it was over in seconds and she laughed because it was was utterly, totally, unbelievably wonderful, that he had wanted her so much he had started to come even before he was in her.

He slumped. His head was on her shoulder. She stroked his head. There was silence.

She half expected the others to laugh, it was over so quickly. But they didn't. The silence of their lust was deafening. She wanted more but she wanted Brad to stay on her.

He eventually moved. Looked at her.

'Wow,' he said. And she knew then that was the first time he had ever come so quickly and she was so proud and she adored him.
'Wow. Yes.' was all she could say.

Then he was out of the car and he was replaced and she was thrown completely. Scott was there between her legs and thrusting and she could feel his cock in her but all she could see was Brad watching sadly from outside.

Scott fucked her hard. He slapped her face and her tits and spat on her and normally she would have loved it, and actually her cunt did respond and she did orgasm but she had no desire to kiss him or hold him and when he came she was glad it was over.

She expected Chris then but brad came back to her.
He wasn't hard but he kissed her.
He broke away and whispered to her.
'What about Chris shall I send him away?'
'What do you want?' she replied. 'Shall I please him? I will if you like.'
'Best you do.' he said briefly.
So she did.
She turned. Smiled at Chris. 'Well?'
He was into the car instantly. Obviously he had expected to miss out. She laughed to herself and let him kiss her, and started to unzip him.
He was only young.
'Will you suck me?' he asked.
She actually was pleased. After Scott the only man she wanted inside her was Brad.
She slid down and knelt on the car floor and took him in her mouth.
As she expected it was quick.
She licked him and cooed and gasped and held his balls and made all the sounds she knew men loved and he came in shuddering spurts, so much that she could feel it on her chin and her tits, and she finished him like a good good girl and kept him there until she knew he was done and she bore the taste and feeling of the semen as usual and when she pulled away she smiled up and him and said 'that was gorgeous, thank you.'

Then there was just Brad.

He was hard again.

His cock was up against his tummy and still on her knees she started to lick it.

'God,' he said, 'that's hot.'

She didn't know if he meant hot sexy or hot spunky and she giggled but didn't tell him why.

She stayed there with him for another two hours.

The others were long gone.

He fucked her mouth and her cunt and her ass.

He slapped her like Scott had done and she cried.

He knelt between her legs to fuck her and spat on her face and her tits and when he slapped her mouth the spit that flew was speckled with blood and she cried and sobbed and thought that she would pass out with pleasure.

Every time he came she thought it was over.

But each time he held her after and talked to her and made her laugh and stroked her hair and she would gently leave her hand nestled on his cock and his balls and wait and hope for a stirring, and three times there was and he would fuck her again, taking longer each time to come so that she was sore and aching and .......she could have gone on all night.

When Mac came for her she was torn. She wanted to stay and she wanted to be taken away. Most of all though she wanted to have the choices made for her.

And her Male chose for her.

'Say goodbye to Brad' he said

So she did.

I wonder how people think they compare.

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