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Sunday, April 05, 2009

One day while Mac was home and I was dressing, I grabbed a pair of panties out of the drawer and pulled them on. They were the type of panties Mac likes on me, skimpy, lacy and the type of panties I like to wear, stretchy and comfortable. The trouble with stretchy lace panties is that the lace weakens over time and this time was the last time I would pull this particular pair on as my thumb went clean through the lace and left behind a nice little hole. I sighed.

"What's wrong?" Mac asked.
"I put a hole in my panties." I said, showing him my thumb through them.
"How did you manage that?" He came over and took a closer look.
"Oh, they are just worn out I said. Watch." I stuck my thumb in a different spot and pushed. Sure enough, my thumb went through again. I pulled and the lace pulled further apart, creating a bigger hole.
Mac looked at me oddly. Then He looked at His watch. He frowned. He seemed to be weighing something up in His mind.
"I have a meeting this morning I can't be late for." He said.
"I know!" I said. "I will make You some toast." I went to take the panties off.
Mac grabbed my wrist. "Leave them on." He said. "I want you to wear them for me. I want to play with them tonight."

I grinned at Him. I had an idea of what He wanted to do with them and I liked the idea I had. We had toast with the babies. He kissed all three of us then went to his important meeting.

He wrote to me during the day, a brief email, asking if I still had the ripped panties on. I told Him that of course I did. He wrote back that I was a good girl.

When He got home He asked me again as His hands slid up beneath my skirt to feel if I still had them on. I did. The rips had grown just a little during the day. I had been careful, because once the lace starts ripping it is really very easy for it to continue. Before you know it, you have more hole than panties, which is why as soon as they get a hole, they go in the bin. Except this pair. Mac had plans for them.

We ate dinner with the babies, cleaned the babies, played with the babies and put the babies to bed with giggles and milk and stories and love and then when they were sleeping we sat on the couch for a little while and watched a little bit of television, though I was too busy anticipating bed time to be fully aware of what was on and when it become obvious to Mac that I was oblivious to all else, He said we could go to bed early. I went to the bathroom and stripped down to just the panties and I brushed my teeth and washed my face and Mac came in from locking up downstairs and he grinned when He saw I just had the panties on.

When we got to the bedroom He threw me on the bed and He lay down next to me. He grabbed the panties and He tore them. Then He grabbed them in a different place and leaned over me and kissed me and tore them again. He kept kissing and tearing until there were just strips of lace left around me. He made me turn over and get onto my knees and He knelt behind me. He ripped open the crotch of the panties and He mounted me. I gasped as He entered me. I was even wetter than I thought I would be. He grunted. He grunted loudly. I had torn strips of panties across my ass and I knew He was looking at it. He twisted His fingers in the scraps and pulled them while He was fucking me. I told Him that I love His cock. I often say it when His cock is inside me. It's the truth. God. I do love His cock. It fills me so perfectly. I often think that His cock was definitely made just for me. I just love having Him inside me.

I came before He did, though it was close. He was thrusting so hard the bed was moving and whatever He was hitting inside me, it felt so good. I was grunting with each thrust and Mac was grunting with each thrust and just before He growled did that thing men do where they just push and push and push, I gripped the sheets and swore. When we were both laying on the bed trying to catch our breath, I looked across at Mac.

"That was fucking hot!" He said.
I grinned.

I went to sleep with the strips still around me, letting His semen and my juices soak into them. When I woke the next morning and rubbed up against Him He pulled what was left of the panties off me and put His cock into me again.

All because of an old pair of panties that ripped.

I would say that it was odd that it turned Mac on to rip my panties like that, only when He was ripping them, it turned me on a ridiculous amount too. Maybe we are both odd.

But at least the oddness works for both of us.

I bought a pair of fishnets for when He gets back. I have already put some holes in them, ripped, of course. He should be getting off the plane any time now and calling me to tell me He is almost home.

I am ready to come home too.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 12:17 pm

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