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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So He came home, but only for a few days before He had to leave again! He isn't really enjoying this job right now, but with the times as they are, there isn't much chance to move on, so He has to keep leaving us for now. One more week and then He will be home for a few months. We are taking some time to go away just after Easter, a couple of weeks of swimming, reading, napping and playing with the babies, just the four of us, far away from the real world. I booked the holiday months ago, because we needed it months ago and we are so looking forward to it. Sunshine and swimming, good food, lots of love and laughter, relaxing with my favourite people in the world, it just sounds like heaven. I feel like I am just marking time, waiting for the holiday to begin.

Although He was only here for a few days, we made the most of it. We spent time snuggled up, really close, kissing, touching and being touched. I think a lot of people forget to touch each other. We touch a lot. I guess it is our way of being intimate even when we are in public, or just when we are dressed. We hold hands. He will put his arm around my waist. Or He will put His hand on my back up under my hair. That is a very important touch for me, the hand on my back. I find it the most calming touch of all. Sometimes, when I am really stressed, I will ask Mac just to put His hand on my back, under my shirt. The contact with the big strong Male hand just soothes me. I feel protected and safe when He does it. The other night, before He left, I fell asleep on the couch with my head on His lap and His hand just resting on my back. I had pulled up my top so it was skin on skin. I slept through two hours of television programs. I finally woke only because Mac's bottom had gone numb and He had to move to get feeling back in it. He said I had looked so content sleeping there that He wanted me to let me rest as long as He could. I think I could have taken 24 hours of it. It was just that nice. I wish we had more time like that.

So with Him gone again now, we will be back to those precious stolen moments in phone calls.

God, why is it that when He is gone is when I crave Him most of all?

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 12:23 am

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