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Monday, April 27, 2009

We are back! We are all holidayed out. Isn't it amazing how tiring holidays can be? I am not sure how Mac can handle being back at work today. I need at least another day's rest to get over the holiday, but of course, Sarah Jane and Nicholas have had other plans for me. They only get tired when they want to be tired and not a second before!

It was lovely, sleeping in, afternoon naps, swimming! (I love swimming), and eating way too much. I got tired of food. I know, I would not have thought it possible either, but I did get tired of eating. Sarah Jane and Nicolas just wanted to swim. As soon as they woke up Sarah Jane would tell me she wanted to go swimming, and then, just to make sure I understood that it wasn't just for her, she would tell me that Nicholas wanted to go swimming too. He told her, even though he was still asleep. He wanted to go swimming so we should wake him up and take him swimming with us, right now. We shouldn't wait for him to wake up by himself.

Mac and I got to spend a lot of time together, just reading, swimming, eating, sleeping. He would let me sleep with my head on his lap during the day and I would let him do things to me during the night. And I would do things to Him that made Him grunt and growl. We were both very content. All four of us were pretty content. It was a good holiday.

And now we are back and Mac is at work and emailing me telling me He is so busy He doesn't have time to email me today and I am at home, being the mummy and things are back to normal and normal is good. I like being home with my bed and my kitchen and my shower and my family and our routine. I like normality.

But then this normality has always made me feel pretty good!

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