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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We leave tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait, though the packing is not proving to be fun. Why is it the littlest of us needs the biggest suitcase? Mac is happy with some t-tshirts, some shorts, and a pair of track pants in case it gets cold. I need a few more clothes, a dress for going out, a few skirts, some tops, some swimwear and a few pair of shoes. Sarah Jane needs more clothes again, because she gets over excited and might have an accident, or she might get wet, or she might have ice-cream. And Nicholas needs the big suitcase, for dribbles and leaks and spit outs and carry cots and cuddle rugs and baby bath stuff and and and..... Mac and I can share a suitcase, Sarah Jane and Nicholas get their own. Sighs.

So ten days of not cooking, of letting other people clean up, of swimming with the babies both of whom LOVE the water, of eating too much good food, of sleeping too much and getting too much rest. I am so ready for it. So is Mac.

When He came home from His last week away, He slept for most of 30 hours, waking only to use the bathroom, eat and have His balls emptied by me. He had been travelling 24 hours and for most of that we were teasing each other. He had emails when He got off planes. I received emails soon after He was in the airport. I kept telling Him I wanted to fuck someone else. He kept telling me I was a manipulative little witch. We were both as horny as rabbits by the time He arrived home. He showered and ate His favourite dinner that I had prepared for Him. He played with the kids and once they were in bed He raped my mouth with His tongue and He made me kneel and suck His cock before dragging me back up to tongue rape my mouth again. He came quickly and fell asleep almost before His cock had finished spurting. He woke some time during the night and made me wrap my legs around Him so He could come in me again. Then in the morning, as I went to stumble out of bed, He dragged me back and fucked me once more. He stayed in bed, I brought Him breakfast. He ate it while His head nodded. I played with the babies downstairs while He slept. He woke at lunch time and came down for food. When the babies napped He took me back to bed and used me again. We both slept till the babies woke up and I took them back downstairs while He slept again. He woke for dinner and then played with the babies and when they were in bed, He fell asleep on the couch. I woke Him to put Him to bed but He growled at me and dragged me to my knees again. When we went upstairs He fell asleep again and He didn't wake till morning.

It was three days before we had finally gotten enough of each other that we could be together without Him needing to empty Himself into me. Well, at least, not as often.

So we go tomorrow and there won't be any blogs for a full ten days. I should have plenty to write about when I get back!

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