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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We have come through a sexless period. Why? I think it was a combination of getting back to reality and a little bit of holiday blues. Mac was so busy with work that we hardly had time to talk, let alone be sexual and I got sad due to other things going on and suddenly we turned around and the intimacy and sex was gone. It is funny how it does that, how if we are not feeding the intimacy and lust, it just fades away. We usually don't notice it going. We just suddenly realise it is gone.

The good thing is that when we realise it is gone, we both want it back and we are willing to do what it takes to get it back. I think (and Mac doesn't necessarily agree with me here) that women use sex to get intimacy. Men use intimacy to get sex. I can have intimacy without sex, but I have trouble having sex without intimacy. Mac can have sex, even if we are fighting. But neither of us like the distance that comes between us and it is important that we become close again.

So I teased Him with sex and He touched my heart with gestures and words and we both got aroused and lustful and then we couldn't get enough of each other again.

A few days later I had friends over for lunch. Mac was working upstairs. I took Nicholas upstairs for his nap and Mac found me in the bathroom washing my face. I was tired from a night of lustful sex and thought the face washing would help wake me.

"Gosh, you are gorgeous." He said and I smiled at Him in the mirror before turning around and falling into His arms. He kissed me, with tongue, slowly and meticulously. His hand slid up my skirt and I kept my thighs pressed firmly together, waiting to see what He would do. He tapped my thigh in an obvious 'open' gesture and I giggled through the kiss and opened my legs. He put His fingers in my panties and made me ride them with my clitoris while His tongue made me melt against Him. I came quickly and quietly, gasping into His mouth and He didn't let me go until He was satisfied I was done.

Then He sent me back downstairs on wobbly legs and with a befuddled mind to talk to my friends again. He came down a few minutes later for tea and to grin at my obvious fluster. He enjoyed my loss of composure and I loved His teasing and I knew, I absolutely knew that when everyone had gone, Mac was going to make sure He got pleasured too.

Sex leading to intimacy, intimacy leading to sex, whichever way it works, I love that it does work for us.

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