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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The other day Mac and I were in bed together, talking about making out. He was asking me about high school and if I had ever tossed anyone off during school hours and I told Him that I had not, that during school time we were restricted to making out in the basement with other couples around. He asked what I meant when I said making out. I said it was high school making out, kissing with tongue, lots of tongue, feeling over clothes with occasionally his hand finding its way under my shirt but usually not. Oh, and of course, he would press his hard on into my pubic bone and grind while we kissed. We would go back to class flushed and frustrated but euphoric. There was something exceptionally exciting about not being able to finish the deed.

Mac said that it sounded pretty much like dancing when He was in high school. He said that girl's always pretend not to notice, but their pubic bone was always right there, ready to be pressed against. I laughed. I can't see how a girl wouldn't notice, but I can remember pretending not to notice myself. I remember pretending not to notice lots of things when I was that age and even when I was older. I do things now that I pretend to not notice. Mac wanted to know what.

So I told Him that when He accidently gets a flash of breast, it is not an accident. Women know when they leave the house if there is a chance of them showing off boob. We also know when our panties are showing, so that is not an accident either. I have never yet seen an ugly pair of panties hanging out the back of low cut jeans. It is always a pretty lacy little thong that is meant to be seen. Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that a woman is hitting on you when she shows you her breasts or lets you know she is wearing hot panties, sometimes she just likes men around her to know she is a sexual feminine being and sometimes she wants something else from you and is not too into equality to use sex to get it.

Mac frowned at me.

"So when the women at work press their breasts against my arm while leaning in from behind me, its not an accident?"
"Nope." I said. "Women know where their breasts are pressing."
"You would be amazed how many girls lean over my shoulder with their tits touching my arm and they all adopt the same expression...innocence, wide eyed interest in my screen or whatever, none of them ever smirk as if to say...'so is that filling your fucking balls, hunk?"
I grinned. "I would not be surprised at all." I was thinking about the innocent wide eyed interest not smirking thing.
He grinned. "I guess then, when a woman bends over and flashes her tits, other women that see just roll their eyes?"
"Pretty much." I thought for a moment. "Hey!" I said. "Which girls are pressing their breasts against You? I need to know. Give me names!"
He blinked at me all innocent like. "What?"
I laughed and climbed over Him so I could rub my breasts against Him. He growled.
"I know what you want when you do it, girl." He said.
"Oh?" It was my turn to blink innocently. "What would that be?"
He threw me onto my back and showed me.

Being able to finish the deed is exceptionally exciting too.

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