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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Christ. I love it when you do that. Do it again."
"Fuck. FUCK."

I shifted a little. My knees were a little uncomfortable. Mac was sitting on the couch, His bottom on the edge of the couch, His cock and balls over the edge.

I did it again.
"FUCKING CHRIST SARAH. You are a fucking sexy bitch."
I giggled and looked up at Him.
I lifted my breasts in my hands and wrapped them around His balls so that His cock was sitting on top of my tits, pointing up towards my throat. His swollen red cock, glistening with my saliva, was sitting on my presented breasts.
"Look up at me."
I looked up at Him, innocent wide eyes over a whore's cock bruised mouth, spit glistening on my chin.
I grinned.
Click again.

He tossed His phone onto the couch beside Him.
"Can I see the pictures?"
"Later. Finish me first, girl."
I grinned again then got back to the task at mouth.

I didn't quite understand how we had gotten to this point. I had cleaned up the kitchen after the babies were in bed. I had not done it straight after dinner because I have discovered that I would rather clean up after the babies are sleeping and spend their awake time with my husband and babies then with the washing up. Mac helps me once we have had our family time and when the babies are settled for the night. We all look forward to that time. Daddy is home, dinner is done, it's our family time.

So the babies were sleeping, the cleaning up was done and I had shooed Mac out of the kitchen while I put the last things away then I went to ask Him if He would like tea.

"Tea, Babe?"
"One second." He patted His lap, which I correctly took to mean 'sit here while I listen to this boring man on the television.' I sat and snuggled into His shoulder and I smelled Him. He smelled so damn good. I couldn't help myself, I played with His hair, I kissed His cheek, I licked His neck. I bit Him. He scowled at me. I giggled. He shook His head.
"It's a good job you are so sexy or I would swat you like a fly, girl."
He kissed me. I could easily recall all of that. But how I ended up on my knees with my top and bra off and He ended up with no pants on, it follows no sensible chronological order. It just sort of ended up that way.

He came in my mouth. It didn't take much longer. The work had been done before the photos were taken so a little longer and I had Him grunting my name. He pulled me back up onto His lap and He kissed me long and hard. The type of kiss that would have made my knees buckle had I been relying on them to stand. He showed me the pictures, one surprised, one grinning, both rather hot. Two more pictures to add to those He keeps of me in a locked folder on His phone. I like that He has them when He is away, a reminder of what is waiting for Him to come home to. He likes that He has them, something to entice His memory when He is away. He locked them away while I was watching Him. Then He kissed me again.

"Yes please. I will have tea." He grinned at me and pushed me lightly off His lap.
I put my top back on and went to boil the jug.

Mac is away now. He left late Sunday night. He won't be back until Saturday morning. We haven't emailed. We haven't spoken. The country he is in is not like the ones we are used to. He is in a country which is controlled by one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. The internet is controlled by the government and they keep it slow running so unapproved video and pictures can’t be uploaded by its people. Email accounts rarely connect. Phone contact can take hours to come through. We decided to use it only in case of emergency. He will call when He gets to His first stopover through the night.

I like to think that the pictures He took have kept Him closer to me while He has been away.

I won't sleep until I get that call.

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