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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mac asked me how I could keep myself entertained thinking about kissing. I think He underestimates just how many different ways He kisses me.

Sometimes, when He kisses me it is a simple little kiss. His lips meet mine and He pulls away, nothing more than a peck, a quick hello, a quick goodbye, a quick 'I love that you are here'. That type of kiss that makes me feel welcome, makes me feel happy, makes me feel like I was missed. Sometimes that type of kiss turns into something more. Instead of just the one, He will murmur His enjoyment and move into me for more. It will become two or three, or just a much longer kiss that involves just a slight touch of tongue. There are times when He still can't get enough of me. It makes me smile as I send Him off to work.

Sometimes what starts out as that simple gentle kiss with just a slight touch of tongue will turn into so much more. He will use His tongue to lick the tip of mine and entice my tongue to chase His back in between His lips so He can suck on my tongue, forcing a moan from the back of my throat. He will release me only when He is ready to, and He often chuckles when I wobble away from Him on unsteady legs.

Other times, without any sort of prelude, He will give me one of those lip bruising, mouth raping, breathtaking kisses that leave me in absolutely no doubt as to what He means to take from me.

He kissed me many times when I was in the hospital bed, both before and after the surgery. I had an overnight stay and Mac stayed as long as He could before leaving to go home to our babies. He left me in absolutely no doubt that He would have stayed right there with me. But I wanted Him to go, I needed to sleep and I needed to know that He was sleeping properly so He kissed my lips, the tip of my nose, my eyes, my forehead, the top of my head and my lips again. Then when I had dropped back into the post-surgery semi-conscious state, I felt Him kiss my eyes again. It was hard for Him, harder than He would ever admit. He hates feeling helpless. He likes to be in control. And all He could do was watch. It is still hard for Him when I am in pain, but the good news is that the pain is much better. I have halved my pain medication and I am feeling no pain. I think He will be very happy when He sees how much better I am doing.

So I have not got bored thinking about kissing.

I doubt I will before He comes home and I can use Him to make more kissing memories.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 12:37 pm

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