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Saturday, December 26, 2009

On Christmas Eve my foot swelled up like a balloon. It was so sore I was wincing with every step and even though I had helpers, I just couldn't keep myself sitting down. I had things to do and I am stubborn about asking for help when I should. I could have stayed in the seat and asked others to bring things to me, but instead, if I needed a knife, I got up, hobbled to the drawer and got it, then hobbled back. I was told time and time again to just ask for things. I was told over and over to stay in my seat and when I got up to wash up, they had had enough. I got told on. Mac came into the kitchen and took the pastry sheet out of my hands and placed it on the sink. He went to the table, pulled out a chair and simply said 'sit'. I sat. He called me a good girl and told me I was not to get up for anything unless I asked Him. I sat in that chair for the next two hours while other people did the washing up and brought me the things I needed to finish the shortbread, puddings and the special lemon syrup and date loaf I make for my Dad. I stayed in the chair until I needed to use the bathroom and I asked Mac before I got up. He said I could go, but only if I came straight back to the chair. I did. He called me a good girl again, and kissed the top of my head before getting out of the women's way again. I thought it was funny that they told Mac on me. And no one questioned my obedience of Mac. Or the 'good girls'. My family just knew the way to make me behave was to tell Mac. People see things. It makes me smile.

Christmas day was wonderful. Sarah Jane thinks it should be like that every day. Nicholas didn't understand much. He just knew he was allowed to finally rip that pretty paper off things and play in empty boxes. Mac had fun putting Nicholas in the boxes and pulling him around while making race car noises. I think they both should get boxes next year. Everyone got too many presents and we had way too much food and it was all great fun. Today we plan on doing nothing. I think a nap might be the way to go, if we can get Sarah Jane to have one too.

This morning Mac and I were lying in bed whispering to each other while the babies were still asleep. I was being a little naughty, teasing Him, rubbing against Him, and finally biting Him gently on the arm. He scowled at me and told me no biting and I giggled and asked what He was going to do about it. He gave me a look and said if I did it again He would turn me over and fuck my ass. I grinned at Him and told Him that doing that would not stop me from biting him. He said I would stop while I was face down. I agreed that I would, but as soon as He let me up, I would bite Him again if it was going to get Him inside me.

"You have an issue with the juxtaposition of punishment and reward." He said.
"I don't have an issue with it!" I said. "But You get points for using the word juxtaposition in a sentence about sex."
He called me a smartass and flipped me over. I didn't giggle for long.

When He was finished, while He was still trying to catch His breath, I rolled close to Him and bit Him again. He growled at me and shooed me out of the bed. He told me to make Him bubble and squeak. I pouted and told Him that He treats me like a cheap whore.
"I do not!" He said emphatically. "I would never tell a cheap whore to make me food."
I laughed and climbed out of our bed.

I like to think He enjoyed the sex more than the bubble and squeak, but I know it would be a close call!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a relaxing Boxing day.

I love the holidays!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 12:22 pm

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