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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I am in trouble. (Hangs head.) I have been a bad girl. (Hides behind hair.) I was told that I was overdoing it, but I didn't listen and I didn't stop and now my ankle is inflamed. I have to keep it up, keep it iced, and let it rest for a few days. I didn't mean to overdo it. I meant to rest. But there was just lots of little things that I thought would be ok. I mean, it doesn't hurt to just go out for coffee with friends. And it doesn't hurt to cook dinner. And it doesn't hurt to do a little bit of shopping. Well, it does hurt but not too much. So I did those things and a few others and then I discovered that I couldn't walk without it feeling like someone had stabbed me in the ankle with a knife. I have apparently inflamed the tendons, the muscles and the joint itself. A whole heap of 'itis'. Rest. Ice. Elevation. Gentle exercise. And SLOW DOWN!

Mac frowned at me. He told me to be careful, but He didn't actually tell me not to do anything. He trusted my judgement on how far I should push it. I didn't listen to my body and now I have to pay the penalty. More time on my bum. Sighs deeply.

On the good side, I sent Mac a picture of my cleavage. I have a top He really likes because it shows off my cleavage very nicely. I was out with friends and while in the bathroom, I took a shot of my cleavage and sent it to Him. He said it made Him hard immediately. By the time He came home from work I was lucky not to be ravished before the children were in bed. I was ravished soon after they were asleep. And more, less innocent pictures were taken. He has them on His phone. He torments me with them when He is feeling playful. I think I should send Him more pictures from bathrooms while I am out.

When I am allowed out again.

I have a feeling it might be a while. (Sighs.)

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