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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's not all sex and compliments around here. I told Mac yesterday that all work and no play make Him a dull boy. It didn't go down exactly as I meant it too. I meant dull as in tired and listless, leading to illness. He thought I meant He was getting boring. It made for a minute of misunderstanding before we were back on track again. I think He only took it that way because He was tired from working so hard. Any other time He would have smacked my bottom and told me that He would show me dull! Still, it shows that even when we are on the same track it is easy to get derailed.

I miss the overt submissiveness we used to be able to share. With the children we need to be much more subtle with displays of submissiveness. I am just not able to greet Him on my knees or sit on the floor at His feet, or any of the really big signs that said 'I belong to You.' Of course it is still obvious to us that Mac does rule the roost around here. He has the last say. I look to Him to make decisions. I still get to bring Him drinks and serve Him dinner. None of that has changed. Still, I miss being able to do those overt things. They were my way of being blatantly obvious about how I feel about us.

I told Mac this and I think He must be missing it too because He has arranged a weekend away. Well, two days, one night, because He isn't sure I am ready to be away from the children longer than that. He made it far enough away for us to feel like we are not at home, while being close enough to get home if we need too. We will be in a cabin, away from other people and He keeps threatening to keep me naked and on my knees all weekend if I am not careful. He says it to me every time I am a smartass to Him. (I am still trying to work out why this is a threat!) The only thing wrong with it is I have to wait until the first weekend in May for it to happen, but that means I get to enjoy the anticipation until then. We are like two children counting down the days to Christmas.

It was always an important part of us and I think it is important that we make this time.

I can hardly wait for May!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9:59 pm

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