Kneeling before Him...



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Saturday, February 06, 2010

She moved down the bed carefully. He was sleeping soundly and she didn't want to wake him. Not yet, anyway. She stopped at his waist, pulling the sheet off him slowly. He slept deliciously naked, something that made him seem both sexy and vulnerable. There was enough moonlight through the window for her to see his cock resting limply on his bollocks. It looked small, helpless, harmless and she giggled thinking that he would slap her if he knew what she was thinking about his manhood. But it did look small and harmless. It always looked small and harmless when it wasn't swollen with lust. She would never say it, of course, but it did.

She lifted his cock carefully and she placed her lips over it. He smelled clean and of soap from the shower he had before joining her in bed. For a moment she missed the musky man smell of him, but then she lost herself in the feel of his soft cock in her mouth. She sucked, carefully, slowly, then let it slip from her lips. She took her time tonguing his bollocks before lifting his now slightly bigger cock to her lips again. He moved, just a little, just enough to let her know he was waking up. She didn't mind him waking now, she knew he wouldn't stop her. She slowly sucked on his cock again, trying to get her lips to move on it but not succeeding because it was still not hard enough. She let it slip from her mouth again and took it in her fingers. She licked his bollocks again, licking them and whimpering her delight.

She felt his cock harden further in her fingers. He shifted again, just slightly and the bedside light came on. She looked up at his squinting eyes and she grinned.

"Surprise" she said.
"Little witch." He said.

She giggled and put his cock back into her mouth. He watched her through slitted eyes. She let her lips glide down his cock slowly, then slowly back up. She took her time. She knew he liked it when she did that. She knelt up onto her knees and rubbed his cock between her breasts, rubbed the head over her nipple and reveled in the groan she extracted from his throat before taking his cock back in her mouth again. She licked his cock. She fucked his cock with her lips. She spat onto his bollocks and licked her spit off. She spat on to his cock and used it as lubricant for her fingers, her lips and her breasts. It wasn't so much a blow job as it was loving his cock and bollocks. Her chin and cheeks glistened with pre-cum and spit. Her tits did too. She kept moving herself so his cock was in her mouth, sliding over her face, rubbing over her tits, her nipple pressing into the slit. He grunted over and over with everything she did.

When he came she didn't stop, she licked the first load of spunk and let it dribble to his balls while his cock was still spurting. She rubbed her breasts into it, covering both her nipples in his spunk. Spunk had spurted against her cheek and she left it there. She dipped her tongue back into the slit to check if there was more and when she realised he had stopped spurting, she used her fingers to force the last spunk to well. She rubbed this over her nipple as well before using her tongue again to lick it up. She nuzzled against his slowly softening cock. The spunk from her cheek rubbed off against him and she turned her tongue to lick it up too. She licked his bollocks, to clean up the spunk she had allowed to drip there and then she opened her mouth and let it dribble back to his bollocks again.

"Christ." He groaned as she licked him again. "Enough. Please stop."

She giggled and licked him one more time before moving back up the bed. He reached out and switched off the bedside light before snuggling her down close to him.

She smiled as she fell asleep.

And I didn't even get into trouble for waking him up!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:21 am

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