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Monday, May 24, 2010

I sent an email to Mac while He was at work. It was after we had sex in the morning and it was meant to let Him know I was thinking about Him. I wanted Him to know that I couldn't get close enough to Him. Even if He had still been at home, I would not have been able to get close enough to Him. This is what I wrote...

Mmmm, I am imagining Your cock buried deep in my cunt, inside my cunt, balls deep. I can feel Your chest hair tickling my breasts, grazing my nipples as You move on me. I can feel Your balls pressing against me. I can feel how slippery and wet I am, how hot, how slick Your cock is as it slides in and out of me. I can feel Your breath on my neck, Your eyes so deeply blue watching me. I have my fingers in Your hair and You have my face in Your hands. Your mouth is open. My mouth is open and as Your cock pushes into my You lick my mouth and I grunt and hold my tongue out for You to suck and You suck it and I grunt again. You lick her mouth again. I know Your balls are full because we have been doing this for 15 minutes, 20 minutes and with every lick, with every thrust, with every squeeze of my cunt and suck of my tongue, You have to hold back. The pleasure is constricting Your throat. It is almost painful because it feels so good. Almost. You know that when You finally allow Yourself to come it will feel like I have somehow sucked the spunk from deep inside Your balls, all the way out of Your cock. I have dragged it out of You and into me. And when I come it feels like my uterus has exploded inside me. I don't want to let You go. I want You to stay inside me, on top of me, Your head resting on my chest while You catch Your breath. I like to feel You over me, crushing me, it makes me feel small, helpless, female. My cunt keeps squeezing at Your cock. I can't help it, or stop it and even if I could, I wouldn't. I can hardly catch my breath and I want You again. I need You again. I smell like sex, like Your spunk, like my spunk, and I need You again.


His response was to call me and say 'Why did you send me an empty email? Is everything ok?'


Technology is so wonderful when it works.

But boy it sucks when it doesn't.

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