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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It has been a very normal couple of weeks here at the McBroden's house. We wake, we eat, we play, we work, we love and we sleep. Mac has been overseas to a number of different countries and come home to us again. There has been no drama, no stress and no intensity. We have been completely average.

It is kind of disappointing really, but I guess that is the way life goes. We ebb and flow. When we are intensely in love, our lives are full of ups and down, our emotions are at extremes. This makes the good times unbelievably good and the bad time...well, really bad. When we are just loving each other without the intensity, nothing is brilliant and nothing is devastating. I always think we need these times to recharge because living in that intense world all the time is exhausting, but I also always worry that we will not get those intense times back again. Maybe this time it is the beginning of us being average and we will never be that special us again. Mac doesn't worry about it though. He believes that it will always be back.

So right now, I submit and it is hardly noticed by either of us. We fuck and it is a purely physical thing. We have conversations that make me miss the intensity, conversations about rugby, about what happened at work, about the bad service at hotels. We are just like any other couple. We are average.

I want to make it intense again.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 10:10 am

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