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Monday, May 03, 2010

Remember a while back I mentioned that Mac was taking me away for the first weekend in May? Well, we are home from it now. It was exactly what we both needed. It was two days of sexual indulgence, submitting, and love. Lots and lots of loving. We really honestly did nothing that involved the area we were in. We didn't go walking, we didn't see the sights, we just stayed together and gave each other some much needed time. We had no computers, no television, just a huge spa bath and a big four poster bed. We both had our phones of course, but they were only used to speak to the children when we or they needed it. Other than that, we were totally alone.

He didn't keep me naked the whole time, but I dressed to please Him, lacy underwear, short skirt, lots of cleavage, things I know push all the right buttons in Him. He took me at will, either dragging my mouth to His cock, or pushing me over the edge of the bed and forcing His way into me, or just turning me to my back and entering me without fuss. I teased Him by rubbing my breasts, or my bottom against Him. He refused to be seduced or cajoled into fucking me until He was ready to.

At one point, on Saturday night, when I was sitting on the floor between His legs looking up at Him while licking the head of His cock, He said 'You like that don't you?'
I was in a mischievous mood. 'Are You complaining?' I asked. 'I could stop.'
'No.' He said.
'Good.' I said. 'Suck it up, bitch.' And I giggled.
He shook His head and chuckled at me while lightly slapping my breast, and then He grabbed my hair and dragged me down onto His cock. I was choking and giggling and He was still chuckling at me. It took us a minute or so to get serious again.
Then when we were coming home on Sunday, when Mac sighed about the traffic, I looked at Him and said 'Suck it up, bitch.' And we both started to laugh. I think I may use it as a tension breaker for a while to come.

The submission part was good too. I got to kneel, I got to serve Him, I got to just be submissive for those two days. Now I am home and I am happy to be home. I wouldn't change this at all, not for a second. Home is where I belong. I love everything about our home, but being able to let go, for just those two days, I feel like I have been rebooted.

It was good, so good, but I don't think I will need it again for a while.

But when I do, it is nice to know it can work for us both.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 2:37 pm

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