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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am still having computer problems even though I have had it fixed once. I am thinking that it may be time to format and start again. I am so damn frustrated with it and I just don't have time to sit down at it while it is playing up.

So instead of writing, I have been crocheting when the children are sleeping. It keeps my hands and my mind busy and stops me from from feeling brain dead. I paint while the children are awake. They like painting too. It means I don't sit idle. I need to keep my mind active or I over think things and get myself into emotional trouble! It is hard to be a stay at home mum and keep your mind busy. It really is.

Mac is away again. He won't be back until Saturday. He has been away a lot lately and it is getting tiring for us all, Mac included. Especially Mac. He texted me this morning after being away for two days and said He just wants to come home. He will only be here for three days before He goes away for week. It feels like every time we plan time for ourselves, something comes up. We were supposed to spend all of Sunday together, all four of us, but someone else had made miscalculations on an important spreadsheet that everyone would be using Monday morning, so He spent half the day getting rid of the errors and the rest of it doing it right. He even ate lunch in front of the computer, something He swore He would never do. It was after midnight before He came to bed and I had been asleep for a while. He woke me and used me to relieve His stress then He was up at 5am to go to the office and put the spreadsheet on the network before anyone used the wrong one.

It was the third Sunday in a row we have either not been in the same country, or He has been busy. We have promised each other time this weekend. I am not getting my hopes up.

I find myself waiting to see what goes wrong.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:41 am

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