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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poiuy asked how I felt about being used by Mac. I had to take a moment to think about it. It's not that I don't like being used. I am quite proud of the fact that Mac knows He can wake me at any time without fuss or need for a production and just get Himself off. I like that He knows I am available to Him. It does make me happy.

It's just that there are times that I want more than to have a quick fuck thrown into me. I think both of us do. Right now, it feels a little like we are settling for what we can have instead of getting what we need. A nice long kissing session would be good. A hot, heavy make-out would be lovely. Some time to talk after we have fucked would be brilliant. But I am happy that He can just use me when He feels a need to relieve His stress, or for His pleasure, or just because He wants too.

We had a conversation on the phone while Mac was away. (Well, we had many, but this one was special.) We were talking about the Australian rugby team playing against the English rugby team. Mac, like me, was hoping that the Aussies beat the English. I pointed out to Him that a few years back, He hated the Aussie rugby team with a passion and here He was hoping that the Aussies won.

"I can't hate something you love, Sarah." He said. "Christ, I love you so much that when Wales plays Australia, I hope for a draw and I never thought I would ever feel that way."

I think that is the most romantic thing a Welsh fullback could ever say.

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