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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mac doesn't like it when I am on top. Or, at least, when I am on top, Mac holds my hips and thrusts up into me, so He is still in control. I pointed that out to Him one day and He was surprised by that. He had never thought about it. He had just done it, but once I did point it out to Him, He did give it some thought and He admitted it was true. No matter what else is going on, in the bedroom, Mac is always the one in control.

I say that because more and more, I am finding that submission outside the bedroom just doesn't fit in with our lives. I am a mother of two and as such, I have to be the mother lioness. Dealing with finances, with business people, with trades people, (we are having some work done to the kitchen and no, it is not ok to just stick a box on top of it because you cut it to the wrong size!) it is not sensible to be submissive. With Mac away, it is not sensible to be submissive. I guess there is a sort of soft submission between Mac and me. He still makes the big decisions. He still is the one I go to for help when I am unsure. I still cook His favourite meals when He is home and I still wear the clothes I know He likes. But when He drags me to bed and takes from me what He wants, that is when I remember what it really can be like. That is where I don't have to pretend.

It is just a shame we can't be there all the time.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 1:29 pm

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