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Monday, November 26, 2007

I know I should have done this before now, but at least I am doing it now. Here are links to the parts of the Angel story so far.

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.
Part 3 starts here and finishes here.
Part 4 is here.
Part 5 starts here and finishes below.

I have been thinking about either putting the angel story on its own page or maybe showing links to it in the side bar, but I am a little scared that the second I do that will be the second I become tired of writing about Angel, so I will just wait and see how much more of this story there is.

Now for the rest of Angel part 5, I thought about being responsible and writing about safe sex and mentioning condoms, but instead I decided this is my fantasy and my fantasies do not have condoms in them. So I have decided that Angel must live somewhere where there is no diseases. (We don't so if having group sex, rememebr to be safe. This has been a public service announcement.) I hope you enjoy it. I know Mac did.

Angel 5.2
When he stopped in the middle of the room, she stopped beside him. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her head up. She lifted her head and stared straight ahead. Who these men were didn't matter to her. He was the only one that mattered. The rest were just toys to play with.

"Well gentlemen," He said. "This is my Angel. She is pleased to meet you all. She is to be your entertainment for the afternoon, but as always there are some rules. You are not to damage her, as I do not like my property damaged and I am in charge here, if I say stop, then you are to stop, no matter what it is you are doing. As I said, she is my property and I am very protective of my property. Anyone that does not understand or is not willing to abide by these rules can leave now." He paused a moment. Angel felt her heart racing inside her clitoris. The thought that she was his property filled her with pride and lust. He was claiming her in front of these men. She wished that she could look up at him, but she felt that she shouldn't. She stayed still and waited for his next command.

He let go of her hair. "Kneel, slut." He said.
Angel moved back onto her knees and placed her hands flat on her thighs. She straightened her back and opened her legs slightly. She bowed her head and waited again.

"Open you legs, wider. Show off your wet cunt." He demanded. "I can smell your arousal from here."

Angel felt a wave of heat blush over her body but she obeyed, opening her legs even wider. She could smell her arousal too.

"Good girl." He said quietly and she smiled a small secret smile. "Any questions, gents?" He asked.

"Does she swallow?" asked a voice from the back of the room.
"She does whatever I tell her to do." He answered. "And she does it enthusiastically."
"Can we ass fuck her?" another voice asked.
He hesitated for a moment. "I think not." He said, sounding thoughtful. "At least, not at first, ask me later on. Maybe I will change my mind."
"Good," the voice again. "I would like to see how many of us she can take at once." A murmur of agreement spread through the room.
"We shall see." He said. "Perhaps I will ass fuck her while others use her. We may find out that way."
"You said not to damage her, but can we hurt her? You know, slapping and pinching and stuff." A voice from near her this time.
"Oh yes. You can slap her and pinch her and fuck her hard. She doesn't mind a bit of a beating. It makes her come harder, so feel free to treat her as a whore. Just remember, she is my whore." He waited a moment and when no more questions were asked, he reached down and unclipped the leash from the collar.

Angel looked up at him quickly. She was suddenly panicked. He held her chin in his hand. "I am watching you." He whispered just to her. "I won't let anything bad happen. Trust me, ok?"
She nodded and smiled slightly, just enough to let him know it was ok, that her panic would pass. He smiled back at her and walked away. She stayed where she was, naked, kneeling in the middle of a room full of men. She waited for them to ravage her.

To her surprise none came forward. They stood about and continued conversations she could only assume were interrupted by her entrance. She stayed there, not looking up for a full two minutes before she started to squirm uncomfortably.

"Growing bored, Angel?" A voice asked from in front of her. She looked up and saw Adam. She smiled tentatively, unsure if it was the right thing to do. He watched her then he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from them. His cock was hard and swollen. He stroked it casually. "He says you are an expert cocksucker." Adam said. "He says that I will not get better. I hope for your sake that he is right, because everyone will be watching you suck my cock and they will then decide if they want you or not."

He pressed his cock against her lips and she opened her mouth to let him in. He pushed the head of his cock in then withdrew it. She cupped the underneath with her tongue. He pushed in again, a little further this time and she moaned, just a little as he pulled it out again.

"What's that, Angel?" Adam asked. "You want more."
"Yes." She gasped breathlessly. "More."
He slapped her. Tears sprang instantly to her eyes. She looked at him defiantly. "I want more, please." She said.

He thrust his cock back into her mouth, not stopping until she was gagging. He grabbed her hair and forced her head to rock back and forwards while he stood there, making her fuck his cock with her mouth. She had to time her breathing just right because she could not inhale while his cock was deep in her mouth and she had to concentrate to overcome the urge to throw up. Through all of this, she grunted and groaned and made slurping noises as his cock slid across her lips. She closed her lips over the head of his cock as it left her mouth and opened her lips over the head of his cock as it entered her mouth again. She kept her tongue cupped to guide him into her mouth properly. She reached around him, grabbing his ass to keep him in her mouth and she looked up at him, her eyes full of lust for him. His knees actually buckled as he came in grunting spurts into her mouth. She swallowed most of what he gave her, letting just a little spill from her lips as he finished and withdrew. Everyone was watching her. She took her hand and delicately wiped her chin with the back of her hand. Then just as delicately she licked the spunk from the back of her hand.

"Christ," one of the men said. "I want some of that."

It was a long time later that someone finally pushed Angel to her back. Her throat was sore from being used. Her knees ached from kneeling on the floor. Her face and hair were splattered with spunk, her cheeks red from being slapped. She was both disappointed and relieved that they had finished. She had wanted it to go on and on but she was hurting too. Then her legs were pushed open and someone was kneeling between them and she realised that it wasn't over. She wound her legs around the hips of the man that entered her. He sucked at her nipples and bit her tits and she came, grunting and sobbing.

Suddenly he was standing over her. "God, Angel." He said. "You are such a little fuck pig, aren't you?" Another man's cock moved in and out of her as she stared up at him. "A greedy little fuck pig."

She shook her head. She was a good girl, not a fuck pig.

"Yes you are, Angel. A greedy fuck pig. Say it Angel. Tell me what you are."
"I'm a..." She grunted. "I'm a greedy fuck pig."
"Do you still want more, Angel?"
"Yes," she gasped.
"Tell me."
"I want more." She shuddered as the cock inside her came, filling her with hot spunk. She reached for the man the cock belonged to and she kissed him, filling his mouth with her tongue. When she looked up again, he was gone. She knew he would be close by, still watching her. Another man knelt between her legs.

It was later again when he was laying beneath her, his cock filling her ass. Another man was pressing his cock into her cunt.
"No." She murmured and shook her head. "I can't"
His mouth was at her ear. "Yes you can, Angel. You can do this for me. Just relax and let him in."

The man pushed in further and she cried out. He held her from beneath her and the man pushed into her again. They were both inside her now and she wanted to scream. She didn't know it would be like this. She was overwhelmed with sensation, the smell of sex, the aching in her breasts and thighs that had been abused by fingers and mouths of the men that liked to see her in pain, all those men now watching, her ass and cunt both full. She wanted it to stop. It felt so different and so good and so wrong. She wanted it to go on. He remained still, content to just keep his cock in her ass. The other man started pushing in and out and again she felt like screaming. She was just so full she had to let it out. Then her head was turned and another cock was pushed into her mouth. She gagged and choked before finding a rhythm to suck it with. He was whispering to her, telling her that there were three men using her, telling her she was just a cumrag, a place for them to spunk. Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheek. She gagged again and suddenly she felt her mind shatter. She was completely lost and didn't understand what was happening.

She tried to sob but the cock inside her mouth was spurting and she coughed and choked on his spunk. He wiped his cock across her cheek as he pulled from her mouth. The man fucking her cunt grunted and she felt his cock pulse. She knew he was going to come too.

"Please stop." She murmured. She felt so lost. She wanted to come back and put the pieces back together. She was afraid that if she didn't she would never be fixed again. "I can't take anymore." She shook her head and coughed again, still spitting up spunk.

His hand came from beneath her and his fingers spread across her throat. Her eyes grew wide as he pressed. "You are mine." He growled and she shuddered, hearing him from a long way away. "You are mine."

She tightened her muscles and felt the cock inside her cunt spurt. He grunted beneath her, feeling it too. As the man from her cunt left he tightened his hand around her neck. She could still breathe. She just had to work for it.

"Someone rub her clitoris." He said still from very far away and she felt fingers trailing over her cunt.
"Fuck." She heard a voice say. "There is so much fucking spunk down here."
Her stomach fluttered with that familiar feeling and she arched her back, pressing her ass down further on him. She came, her body tightening then releasing. He gripped her throat tighter and suddenly she couldn't get any air. Her mouth opened in shock as the pleasure spread through her. He let go of her throat when she stopped convulsing, only to grab her hips and thrust up into her, his cock spurting as he grunted into her ear.

She lay on top of him fully spent. She wasn't sobbing anymore but she was still not really aware of her surroundings. He rolled over to his side, taking her with him so she was also on her side. She curled up into the foetal position and he held her for a minute, whispering quietly to her. The men around them had started to dress, the party obviously coming to an end. He stood and dressed too, finding a blanket to cover her on the floor. She heard them talking, the men, and she thought they were talking about her, but she couldn’t make herself understand what they were saying. She gave in to not caring and closed her eyes and drifted away.

She came back to herself when she felt she was being lifted from the floor. He struggled to get her into his arms but she couldn't help him. She looked at him, trying hard to focus. "I'm sorry." She said wanting to hold herself up.
"There is nothing to be sorry for." He smiled at her as he carried her towards the bedroom.
"I was supposed to cook you dinner." She hid her face in his shoulder and started to cry.

He put her on the bed and quietened her. He stroked her and kissed her and held on to her, his naked warmth against hers. She knew she had never been closer to anyone and she tried to fight the fog that was crowding her brain so that she could understand what was happening. His hand felt so strong and warm on her back. She gave in and drifted away again.

"Angel." He was whispering her name. "Angel." She loved it when he did that. It sounded so right. She opened her eyes and found she could focus on him. "Hey there," he said. "Are you ok?"
She took a moment to think about it before answering. "Yes."
He smiled at her. "Good girl." He stroked her cheek. "Angel, the smell of those men, the memory, I am hard. I need to fuck you again." He sounded almost apologetic. Almost.
Tears sprang into her eyes. "Yes." She said.
He frowned, suddenly concerned again. "Are you ok?"
"Yes." She said. "I don't know why I am crying. I just am."
"Do you want me to fuck you, Angel?"
"Yes," she said through the tears. "I want it very much."

It was hours after she should have left before they climbed into the shower together. They each washed the other, enjoying the slippery feel of soap on skin. They kissed many many times, unable to get enough of each other, neither wanting their time together to end. He watched her dress back in the hallway. When she was finished she knelt before him and he removed his collar and placed it in the drawer.

"It's wet." She said, biting the inside of her lip. She missed the feel of it around her neck already. "Do you want me to dry it?"
"It's ok." He said. "I will take care of it."
She nodded, looking at it longingly.
"It will be here next week, Angel. I promise."
"I know. I just wish I could keep it on."
"So do I." He reached out and cupped her cheek, drawing her into another kiss. "God, Angel. How am I ever going to be able to let you go?"
Her eyes filled with tears again. "Tell me to stay." She said. "Please? I will stay if you tell me to."
"I can't do that." He looked at her, suddenly withdrawn. "You have to stay because it is what you want to do, Angel. I can't make you."
"I want to, but, I love him too. I married him."
"I know." He held her face in his hands and made her look at him. "There will come a time when you have to choose, Angel. It can't go on like this. It isn't enough for either of us. But right now is not that time. Go home. Come back next weekend."

She kissed his hand and turned and opened the door. She didn't look back as she walked to the car. She knew if she did, she wouldn’t leave.

She arrived home, noticing her husband's car was already in the driveway, as she knew it would be. She was prepared, she had thought up a plausible and simple story while she drove. The simpler it was, the more believable it would be. Her husband was sitting on the couch, the day's newspaper in his lap. He put the paper down as she entered the room.

"Darling," he said. "I have been waiting for you!"
"I know." She looked at the floor. "I am sorry. The car broke down and I had to wait an eternity for the roadside service."
He flapped his hands, waving her explanation away. "I have something important to tell you." He said.
"Oh?" She looked at him expectantly.
"I got the promotion!"
"Oh, that's wonderful." She smiled, feeling genuine happiness for him.
"Well, it's not official of course, but he made it clear today that it was mine. The announcement will be made on Monday."
"Congratulations. I am really happy for you."
"For us!" He said and took her in his arms. "This means everything will change, sweetheart. We will have everything we want. We can buy a bigger house in a better neighbourhood. We can travel and have a family. This is everything we wanted, babe. Everything!" He kissed her full on the lips.

She wondered briefly when that had become everything she wanted before allowing herself to give in to his kiss.

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