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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well it has been approved by Mac so here it is. Please understand I have less time than I would like to work on these things now, so if it is a little unpolished, it was still written with feeling. I feel that Angel has to make a decision soon.

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And now, part 7.

Angel looked around the function centre while feeling her husband's hand on her back. She knew her lover, her Master, would be there this time. He had told her he was coming. She had not seen him since the Tuesday when she had cooked for him, but she had spoken to him on the phone on Thursday. She had called to tell him that she would not be able to meet him because her husband's promotion had been announced and he had wanted to take her to dinner with 10 of their closest friends to celebrate. Or at least she was going to tell her Master that something had come up. He didn't need the details. In the end she didn't have to say it. Before she could bring it up, he told her that he had something else he had to. She had accepted it with grace and not asked him what it was. She didn't think she had the right to ask. If he asked her, she would not want to tell him. Sometimes it was just better not to know.

He was standing across the room when she saw him. The woman standing with him had her hand on his arm. He was facing her and they seemed deep in conversation. Angel's stomach lurched. She suddenly knew what, or who, he had been doing the night before. She whimpered. She hadn’t meant to, but the sound had been involuntary. It hurt so much.

Her husband turned looked at her, his face full of concern.
"Are you ok?" He asked. "You look pale."
"Oh."She blushed as the guilt made her stomach lurch again. "I am fine." She tried to smile, faltered, and then managed it. "My stomach is a little unsettled. It's ok."

Her husband watched her as she smiled again, this time with warmth. He smiled back at her. She watched him scan the room for important people to talk to and he guided her to a group already deep in conversation. They welcomed her and then went on with a topic she knew nothing about. She smiled blankly and nodded when it seemed appropriate, and she watched her lover intently.

She was angry. Really angry. How could he do this to her? Bringing someone else was a real smack in the mouth. They were obviously together. Their discussions seemed to range from intense to laughter. She wanted to scream. She wanted to walk over there and claim him. She wanted to stab someone. He was hers. Damn it. He was supposed to be with her. Eventually he laughed and the girl punched him playfully on the arm and walked away grinning at him over her shoulder. He was grinning back at her.

Angel wasn't sure how long the girl would be gone, so she had to take her chance while he was standing on his own. She excused herself quietly and didn't care when no one seemed to notice. He saw her walking towards him and he smiled at her. Her pussy clenched. Her anger skipped a beat. He took her breath away. She wanted to stay angry. She couldn't do it while she looked at him. She lowered her eyes and watched the drink in his hand until she was standing in front of him.

"Well hello, Angel. You look lovely tonight." He said.
She kept her head down. She still couldn’t bring herself to look up at him. Trying to speak, she suddenly realised that she had no clue what to say. She should have thought this through.
"Are you ok, Angel? You seem a little shy, tonight"
Finally she managed to look up and her eyes were filled with unspilt tears.
"Hey. No crying." He said gently. "There is no crying at this sort of thing. Unless they are tears of boredom of course."
"Who is she?" Angel asked quietly.
"Who is who?" He looked at her wearily now. He seemed to realise that she was accusing him of something though he wasn’t sure what.
"The girl." She whispered. "The one you are with."
She saw him suddenly understand what she was talking about and he smiled.
"She has nothing to do with you, Angel. It is no concern of yours."
Her eyes narrowed as the pain went from hurt to anger again.
"Who is she?" She asked again.
He looked at her. Just looked at her. She knew from the look on his face that he had no intention of answering her.
She decided not to say any more either. They stood there, both staring at each other.

"Hey there." She said as she bounced back to his side. She smiled at Angel and then looked at him standing next to her. She waited. Then, "Well! Are you going to introduce me to your friend?" She asked him.
"Sure." He said.
"There you are, Darling." Angel's husband walked up beside her. "I wondered where you had wondered off too. Penelope! How wonderful to see you."

Angel blinked as her husband addressed the woman standing beside her Master.
"Geoff." Penelope smiled at Angel's husband.
"Darling, this is Penelope Windsor. Her father owns the bank. She oversees my division." Geoff said.
"Oh it won't be long before you are overseeing your own department, Geoff. You must be so proud of him." Penelope spoke to Angel like they were old friends.
"It's lovely to meet you." Angel said politely. She was out of her depth. She was standing with her husband and her lover and her husband knew her lover's...something. She didn't know what.
"And this must be the fiancee I have heard so much about." Geoff said and Angel felt the world tilt.
"Oh no!" Penelope laughed. "Peter is off skiing in Canada. He avoids these things as much as he can. This is my brother, the black sheep of the family." She touched his arm. "Much to our father's distress, he went out on is own to seek his fortune. And he succeeded. Dad has never forgiven him for it."
Angel looked at her husband. She could see he was impressed. He was almost spilling over with excitement to speak to her lover. Angel was almost embarrassed for him. But she stopped herself. She had no right to judge him that way.
"My little sister talks too much." Her lover said.
"Pish posh." Penelope laughed. "My big brother is too modest. He is worth more than the rest of the family put together. And he did it all on his own. We are quite proud of him."
"I am sure you are." Geoff said.

The announcement was made for dinner and Angel found herself feeling relieved. It was dangerous being between the two of them. She felt sick. She felt dizzy. The ups and downs of the conversation had not made her feel any better. He was engaged to her. She is his sister. He left the family fortune. He made his own. His father is her husband's boss. Her head was spinning.

"You must sit with us." Penelope gushed.
"We can't." Geoff said. "Your father has invited us to sit with him."
Penelope rolled her eyes at Angel. "I am sure you will have fun with the old men." She giggled.
Angel smiled at her. She wished she could make fun of it all too but her husband would be horrified. Geoff held out his arm and Angel took it.
"Perhaps we will see each other after dinner." Her lover said.
"I will look forward to it." Geoff said. Angel smiled again. Her husband led her into the dining room.

The dinner was just as she expected, bland food, mass produced and served lukewarm. No matter what price was paid for these dinners, they all tasted the same. She pushed her food around her plate as Geoff made conversation with everyone around them. He tried especially hard to make an impression on his boss. She watched him with a mild repulsion. Here he was sucking up to important men, instead of being out there willing to give it a go on his own. She shook her head. She had to stop it. She loved him. She shouldn't be thinking about him like that. She just wished that it was over and she counted the minutes of the required two hours. She was grateful when people started to move. Geoff excused himself to go talk to someone about something and she was happy to let him go.

Angel stood up and made her way out to the balcony. She wanted some fresh air and some solitude. That crowd always made her feel so lonely. It was easier to just be alone. There were people already outside, smoking cigarettes and she moved away from them to avoid the smell. She stood aside on her own. She was looking out over the lake when she felt him behind her. She didn’t have to turn around.

"You were angry with me because you thought I brought someone, and yet you are here with your husband?" He sounded incredulous and he had good reason. She knew what he was saying was true. She had no right to be angry when he was just living his life. She didn't get to pick and choose who he saw. She was married to someone else.
"I was more hurt than angry." She said.
"Well, now you know how I feel when I see you with him."
"Please don’t." She whispered. "I don't mean to hurt you."
"Shhh." He murmured. "It's ok. I am a big boy. I can take it."
Tears spilled from her eyes anyway.
"Come here." He said and he led her away from the smokers. The balcony went all the way around the building He took her around a corner. It was dark, no one was there.

"You knew this was here, didn't you?" She whispered. There was no noise here. Even her whisper felt loud.
"I have been coming to these things since I could sit at a table." He smiled. "I know all the places you can be alone in every major function centre in the city. I used to hide in them when I was the only child here."
"Have you brought other women here?" She bit her lip as soon as she had asked the question. What was wrong with her? Why was she so jealous, so possessive why this man?
"Angel, stop it." He said. "Really this has to stop right now. You are not allowed to ask about girls who came before you. You are not even allowed to ask about who I see now. Do you understand that?"
"Yes." She said quietly.
"Yes what." He growled.
"Yes, Master."

He growled again and pushed her up against the wall.
"Say it again, Angel. Say it again and tell me that you mean it."
"Yes, Master." She said breathlessly. "I will obey you."
"Tell me you are mine."
"I am yours, Master." She was looking into his eyes, lost in them. Nothing else existed.

He kissed her, a brutal, heavy, masculine kiss. His tongue raped her mouth. She held onto him because if she didn't her knees might give way on her. His hands came up to cup her breasts and she moaned into his mouth. He grabbed her throat with one hand as the other slid down her dress. He pulled it up. He touched her panties. Then his fingers were inside them and she was opening her legs so he could reach inside them further.

She moaned again as his fingers rubbed over her clitoris. His mouth was insistent. He wouldn't stop kissing her. His fingers moved inside her and he pushed his palm up against her clitoris, rubbing hard. She wanted to breathe. She wanted him to press against her throat. She wanted him to keep kissing her forever. She pushed against his palm and knew that she should reach for his cock, she tried to, but she was too weak.

She came violently. He never stopped kissing her. She groaned, grunted and possibly screamed into his mouth. He kept his fingers inside her as her muscles spasmed on them. He kept kissing her. He wouldn't stop.

When she felt she was able, when he had taken his hand from her panties, she reached for his cock again. His pants were already unzipped. He had beaten her to it. She touched his cock, stroked it, pulling him towards her. He grunted into her mouth, his cock started spurting. She pushed the head of his cock into her panties and she felt the heat of his spunk spread across her pussy. The kiss finally stopped as he gasped for air. She kissed his cheek. She brought a hand up to stroke his face while she finished his orgasm with the other hand. He lent against her. She tried to touch his face with both hands and he grabbed them and held them above her head. She thought he was going to say something. He looked like he had something to say. Then he pushed away from her, walked to the edge of the balcony and leant over it.

"What's wrong?" she asked without moving towards him. She didn't trust herself to step away from the wall.
He shook his head. "This is crazy." He said. "I can't stay away from you Angel. You are like a drug and I can't get enough. I have to force myself to stay away. I can't keep doing this, Angel. I can't. You are making me fucking crazy."

She took a step towards him and he heard her move.
"Don't." he said.
"I can't." she said and moved closer. "I can't stay away from you either."
"You have to make the choice, Angel. You can't keep us both."
"I know." She said. "I just can't yet. I can't"
She touched his back but he didn't turn around. "Go back to your husband, Angel. I am sure he is wondering where you are."
It hurt. It was meant to hurt. "Yes." She said in a small voice. "We will talk again on Sunday?"
"No. This weekend, just leave me alone. I need a break."
"Please don't?" She pleaded. "I need to see you, please?"
"Go back to your husband, Angel."
"Can I see you on Sunday, please?" She waited a minute, but he didn't answer.

She knew she couldn't wait. She knew he wouldn't answer. She took a step away from him.
"Angel?" He said. She stopped, her back to him. "I love you, Angel."
She turned around and threw herself into his arms. "I love you too." She whispered.

She pulled herself away and walked to the corner of the building.
"Come see me on Sunday, Angel." He sighed.
"Yes, Master." She said.

She left him and went back inside.

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